One of my favorite social media apps is Instagram. I love that it's a place that we can all express ourselves through pictures. It gives us a chance to show everyone the latest fun activity you're doing or even a cute new outfit you just got. It's also a chance for us to stay updated on what people are doing that you're friends with or even getting the latest update on celebrities you're interested in.

Many times I find myself scrolling through the Discover pages on Instagram and clicking on different peoples profiles. Many of those different profiles consist of celebrities that I am interested in and Youtubers.

One thing that I often get drawn when looking at those Instagrams is reading the comments below the pictures. Many of those comments on the popular pictures are very sweet and positive. Many are not so positive and very harsh.

I know these celebrities and Youtubers choose this life for themselves. They choose to put their lives out for the world to see. In the end, though, they are people just like everyone else.

One thing that I remember distinctively reading about in the comments was about Meghan Markle and her wedding dress from the royal wedding that took place in June. People were commenting on how she needed more makeup and how they hated her dress. Nothing but negative comments about her and how she looked. Some were positive, many were negative.

It blows my mind that we live in a world that people feel the need to say these things to people they don't even know. I understand that these people are celebrities or Youtubers that are popular and not like everybody else. But, what makes it okay for you as a random person to comment something rude on the pictures they post. Yes, they live a much different life than most people.

Many times while I scroll through the comment section on Instagram, I see some celebrities and Youtubers responding to the negative and hateful comments that are posted. They do their best to stick up for themselves when someone is being rude to them. In the end, though, they shouldn't have to deal with that.

They see these comments, they see and hear what people are saying about them all the time. The last thing they need is to get on their social media and see thousands of comments about how the dress they decided to wear makes them look fat or how you think their parenting is bad. Let them alone, let them be who they are. They have feelings too and it is not okay to bully ANYONE through social media. It is wrong, hateful, and inappropriate.

Whether it is a celebrity, Youtube star, or someone random. Stop bullying people through social media. It will never be okay to do. Instead of commenting negative things, try commenting on something more positive and uplifting. You would be surprised with what the smallest comment could do to someone's day.

If you wouldn't comment it on your best friend's post, you shouldn't comment it on anyone's post. Keep the negative thoughts to yourself. Always remember, if you don't have anything nice to say. Don't say it at all.