We Need More Diversity In Schools

My name is Varnell Arnello Harris, and I am a young African American male growing up in America.

Even though I haven't personally experienced racial prejudice, my parents and siblings have. To me, hearing that Miami University students are taking part in not only the Black Lives Matter movement but also the gender identity and expression and women's rights movements is extremely satisfying to me. It allows me as a black male to feel comfortable knowing some colleges and businesses are trying to be more diverse in society and striving towards racial and gender equality. The groups allow people to take charge of their cause and to recruit other interested people who want to support and spread the word.

I believe that these types of diverse groups will have a major impact not only on Miami's campus, but also on other college campuses that take part in these forms of student demonstrations. These types of movements are the ones that attract students who are more likely to sit down and have a meeting of the minds. They also support diversity and unity amongst college campuses. Not only students who are black, but students who are white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. can share their opinions and beliefs in the Black Lives Matter movement to push towards racial equality. Students who are straight, bi, heterosexual, or struggling with their gender identity can be apart of the LGBT community to discuss and voice what they should say. Women and men (yes even men) can voice their concern for women's rights in the workplace and society to strive towards making a difference. I want to be able to see organizations like these welcoming people with open arms to demonstrate for a just and peaceful cause.

This world is already filled with enough hate as it is. To combat that hate, we need diversity, even though some people don't see this way right now. Diversity will help this world truly succeed the way it should be and put it in the right direction.

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