I know many can agree with me when I say that it's near impossible to understand the opposite sex. As an education major, I don't get the privilege to observe the other species (men) because I'm surrounded by females every day- which is actually great. However, I feel as if you (men) have a lot to say- but don't exactly know how to say it. Before I jump to conclusions, there are two amazing guys on our Odyssey team who produce quality articles weekly. But two men out of a sea of girls doesn't leave much room for representation. Now, I'm constantly thinking: what would help us understand one another's point of view? BINGO! Writing.

Many men whom I've talked to claim that they either don't like to write or don't think they can write. Well, as our two AMAZING men on the team can tell you, it's not as scary as it looks.

Odyssey is a beautiful platform where you can write whatever you want and share it with everyone that you know. It can be silly like 5 Images That Will Confirm Your Belief That "The Rock" And Dwayne Johnson Are Different People or for a serious example, "Writer's Block Almost Ruined Christmas. Men, your opinions are valid and deserve to be heard. We need you to be excited about writing. We need you to get over your fear of the "I can't do it" and start saying "I'm going to be the best writer anyone has ever seen."

How do you know that you don't like it until you've tried it? I know you didn't like writing essays in school, but who did? There's no heart, soul, or personal opinion in academic essays-unless you managed to throw some in there anyway.

Men, you can do it. We need your voice.

Ladies, we're rocking and rolling. Encourage your male friends to write. They have such strong opinions (usually about things you didn't realize mattered-but actually do). Is a hotdog a sandwich? What is ravioli really? Should you eat spaghetti with a spoon or a fork? Is Mac n Cheese considered pasta? You may be laughing and saying "who would actually write about those things?" but I have never seen my dude friends so passionate before in the rigorous debates we have over these exact topics.

Men, we want to know how you think, and I dare you to start writing.