You Need A Girls Trip, NOW

You Need A Girls Trip, NOW

A time where we were running away from the stressfulness of our first college semester, together.

Two weekends ago, my roommate Mallory, and our newly developed college friend Catherine went on a spontaneous trip to Panama City Beach. It all started with me asking "How much money do y'all have, like, 'going out to eat' money?" After suggesting everywhere to eat in our town, we decided that we could drive thirty minutes away from campus to eat something different, and somehow it escalated to a two and a half hour drive to get Pineapple Willy's, at 6:30 PM.

I drove, while Mallory manned the aux cord, and Catherine kept us entertained with her bubbly personality in the back. Just the drive alone was something I needed. A time where we were running away from the stressfulness of our first college semester, together. I laughed almost the entire way, and so did Catherine and Mallory.

We ended up eating dinner first, and walked out onto the beach for a good two minutes, and walking back to my car so we could get some ice cream. Because it was now 10:00 PM, we had to stop at a sketchy gas station with a rude cashier to buy individual pints of Ben & Jerry's. It took us many U-turns and GPS relocations to get to a public pier, but we eventually got back to the beach, where Mallory hunted for crabs and I got soaking wet from trying to get seashells.

With our night being very weird and on-the-spot, the action of going to the beach and going to different places isn't why I enjoyed our small escape from reality, it was being able to let go with amazing girls who I trust. They keep a smile on my face and make sure I have a good time, and (even though I "mother" them most of the time) I make sure they do too. I was reminded that night how important it is to stop worrying about things you need to do, or boys who break hearts, and start paying attention to the people who love and are there for you. So, go out with your girlfriends. You definitely don't have to be as spontaneous as we were, but be there for one another, and make sure you're with the people who make all of the stress go away, thats what they're there for.

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Why Your College Best Friend Is 'Your Person'

In college, you meet that one special person who will always be there for you.

In college, you meet that one special person who will always be there for you. I know what you're thinking — it's a guy, right? No way, it's a girl. A girl who will be there even when you feel like you have nobody.

Here are six reasons why your college best friend is "your person."

1. No matter the boy drama, she'll always be there to tell you they are stupid.

2. You hate the same people, and you know they would help you hide the body if need be.

3. Everybody knows if she is sad or in a bad mood, so are you.

4. When they are mean, you know it's only because they stayed up all night watching Netflix and you are the only one who can understand them.

5. They are the only one who agrees that if there is no food at an event, you both are leaving.

6. They will always come before everybody, and even if you are thousands of miles apart from each other, she will still be your person.

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A Letter Of Appreciation To My AV Family

For one last time before graduation...SAAAAATV!

To the people in AV that have become a second family to me, thank you. Thank you for the amazing high school memories, thank you for putting up with my dad jokes, and most of all, thank you for being my best friends.

Mara Hashuga

As a timid, awkward, shy freshman, I came up to AV. I didn't know many of the people but that changed pretty fast. Now, I'm close with the entire group including alumni that already graduated.

Mara Hashuga

Being a part of this group definitely requires a good attitude, motivation, and a lot of hard work, but in return, I got some pretty amazing friends and maybe a few perks.

I'm super excited to graduate, but I have to say, AV is probably what I will miss the most. Whether it's the fun pranks we play on each other, the "counseling sessions," decorating lockers, or just the overall atmosphere, I know this is something I will really miss being a part of, so I'll definitely be back...a lot.

Mara Hashuga

I've made a lot of friends that I would have never even known had it not been for AV. Like I said, AV is basically family to me and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone with that opinion; any member of AV, current or alumni, will tell you that you will create an unbreakable bond with so many people because of this group. We definitely argue enough, but that's what families do. We argue and then the next day it's back to normal and we are sitting there laughing about something with each other.

Mara Hashuga

While I really joke with you guys a lot about how annoying you are, and while you do it right back to me, I know that I couldn't ask for a better group of people to have spent my high school years with.

So instead of our normal 'senior sign off' in the group chat, I'm giving mine right here.

I want all of my friends to know how much I will miss every single one of you (yes, even you cory), but don't for a second think I won't be back, because let's face it, Susky isn't much of a drive. (Hopefully you guys didn't think it'd be that easy to get rid of me!)

So, for one last time before I graduate...SAAAAATV!

Mara Hashuga

Cover Image Credit: Mara Hashuga

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