Webster Dictionary describes nature as the physical world and everything in it that is not made by people. Nature, however, is so much more than that. Nature allows you to feel, allows you to create; nature allows you to be the best version of yourself. Nature is a miracle.

We live in a society that is primarily based on the American Dream. We work day and night to accomplish a goal. To be successful. However, who determines how successful you are? How is success measured? Is it how much money, cars, or prestige you have? Yes? Well, many including myself strive towards such success. However, being successful is an abstract concept. Without the trees that give us oxygen or waterfalls that enable reservoirs or vegetation that gives us food, no one would be successful. Sometimes it is extremely important to step back and indulge in the beauty around us. Mastering such skill is true success.

Nature is more than the tangible objects that are not created by humankind. Nature is its own form of God. In many religions there is a higher entity that is believed to be our savior and guardian angel. Many don’t realize however, that nature itself fulfills such qualifications. The mighty nature has given us a sense and reason for living and most importantly the necessities of life on Earth. Nature created plants that take our waste product, carbon-dioxide, and create essential oxygen. Nature concocted a zero-calorie drink that gives us strength and keeps us healthy. Nature has provided us with ample water. Nature has given us the meaning of beauty with breathtaking colors and smell or the touch of a sandy beach. We are extremely compatible with all aspects of nature. Nature constantly gives and cares for us. Nature is not just what is defined in Webster, nature is a miracle.

Nature is everywhere. From the dandelion growing in your backyard to the Grand Canyon, nature has embedded its beauty all around us. A huge misconception that arises with nature is how grand it has to be. Due to the social media boom, people are pressured in subjecting nature to a superficial realm. Yes, definitely take a picture of the amazing mountain outlook and proudly post it on Instagram. However, do not get brainwashed into believing that nature is only found through those Instagram pictures. Even though a picture of your garden might not get as many likes, it holds equal value.

Sometimes it is important to look around us and absorb all the nature has given us. We need to let emotions like gratitude and appreciation flourish because nature is truly a miracle.