Running Track and Field in high school taught me some very interesting lessons about the human body. You can push it to limits that you could’ve never imagined. However, with pushing the limit comes proper body care and nutrition.

Ice baths every day after practice and laying off the junk food and any soda drinks. It can be difficult to find something healthy for you and cheap at the same time (*cough* Whole Foods *cough*), but if you look around, it might not be as hard as it may seem (think Stop and Shop).

However, nothing can compare to the nutritional power and prowess of a Nature Valley Bar. My first experience eating this voluptuous source of protein on the go was quite the adventure...

JESUS... CHRIST, it hit me like a ton of peanut butter bricks.

The caramel felt dream-like, laying on the bed of my tongue tucked in, ready to take a nap. Peanut butter will never feel the same after that delicious bite of four grams of protein. The sweet chewy caramel taste of a Nature Valley brings me back to the good ‘ole days, when eating healthy and making good nutritional choices would make or break my season.

Protein bars are essential to your life, your soul, and honestly, the solution to your relationship problems (don’t quote me on that). It’s an oasis in the form of a chewy sensation sweeping the track nation. You’ll never see me again after diving into that pool of peanut butter bliss.

I’m taking flight. I’m GONE. It packs the ultimate punch, gives you fuel, and if a Nature Valley can’t make you run a good five miles into the bottom of the ocean, I don’t what know what to tell you.

If it doesn’t turn you into a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger, then I’m sorry, 'cause you just weren’t ready for it. This isn’t any ordinary bar you find on store shelves across the United States. This Nature Valley bar is a lifestyle. A culture that needs to be spread throughout all aspects of athletics.

A Nature Valley bar shouldn’t be eaten within the confines of Track and Field. Everyone in all sports must know the scrumptious fuel that will allow you to take flight. It will change your life.