I won't lie to you guys: I've got a torturous case of writer's block. Currently, I am working on FOUR freaking essays, ranging from 5-15 pages, and it is draining me of my creativity to say the least. It probably doesn't help that I'm writing about things I'm not that passionate about, so it's taking a lot of my energy to write a paper of acceptable standards. So I decided to have some fun with this article and piece together seven gifs that represent the progression of writer's block.


The amount of coffee I drink when writing a paper is probably unhealthy, but it's ALL OK I PROMISE. WE'RE FINE.

2. Consistent head banging

Some may say that this kills brain cells, but I say it knocks them around and tells them to "get the f*ck up and cut the bullsh*t!"

3. Angrily storm off!

The computer will feel the wrath. And so will your brain. But like I said, it'S FINE I PROMISE.

4. Return to your desk and blankly stare at the screen

If you stare long enough, I heard that the computer may even explode and you won't have to write anything !!!!

5. The return of the headbang

The return of the headbang may give you an idea if you're lucky... or at least something you can bullsh*t enough to make into a paper.

6. Must. Get. More. COFFEE.

Will someone see the beacon for help radiating off of your coffee mug??? We can only hope for the best, folks.

7. Give up until the coffee kicks in

Think about your life problems! Wallow in self-pity! Or just think about nothing! But whatever you do, do it dramatically so it doesn't seem like real life; trust me, you'll feel better about yourself.


Let the coffee speak for you; brains are stupid anyway. I like to pull a Ron Swanson and write basically every word I know. Eventually, word vomiting like this will result in something you can work with.

9. Stumble to the finish line or the deadline

It's a rough journey, but it doesn't matter how you make it. Who cares if you stumbled along the way or lost your will to live?! All that matters is that you made it to that finish line!

10. Reflect on your work

If you sob directly onto your screen, the tears can even MAGNIFY everything you hated about what you just wrote! But then don't worry because you can fall into a deep depressive sleep and act like none of it ever happened!