7 Ways To Maximize Your Productivity This Self-Improvement Month

It is only fitting that September is National Self Improvement Month. It marks the start of a new school year and the onset of a new season. Fresh starts and motivation are in the air. During this month we are given the chance to better ourselves and adapt new habits that will foster success and happiness throughout the year. Opportunities are all around us, and it is our job to take advantage of them! Seize the day and follow these steps to maximize your productivity this month!

1. Set goals.

Setting goals is a key component to success and efficiently allocating time. Try making a list for the day, ordered by importance. Cross things off as you complete them and feel a sense of accomplishment!

2. Get organized.

Organization is the cornerstone to productivity. Take time to organize your desk, calendar, or anything else that can optimize your productivity this month!

3. Get active.

Although it is often hard to find motivation and energy to workout, staying active is a great outlet to reduce stress and improve your health. If you don't like to hit the gym, take the stairs, take the long way to class, or have an impromptu dance party in your dorm room!

4. Stay on top of your work. 

One word defines the hardest struggle a college student will face with their course work. Procrastination. Don't do it. Improve this month by finding a method that reduces your tendency to procrastinate.

5. Eat well. 

I know that it is hard to resist late night greasy snacks, especially when you are up at night studying. Set one goal this month to improve your eating habits. For example, try not to eat any snacks after 11 every night.

6. Balance. 

Balance is key. Finding balance in your life is a challenge, especially in a college environment. Try utilizing a calendar to maximize your time. Don't forget to build relaxation time into your schedule!

7. Have fun! 

One key to living a fulfilling and productive life is having fun. Make sure to hang out with friends, pursue a hobby, and laugh a little! Most importantly, don't forget to smile :)

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