National Giving Day

National Giving Day

A focus that shouldn't just be a day.

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Tuesday, November 29, was National Giving Day. For those of you that are unaware, every year there is one specific day you are asked to give. The thought is, after Thanksgiving, you are full of joy and blessing that you are more up to donating to your favorite non profit. However, there is one social holiday that corrupts the flow of ‘National Giving Day:’ this is Black Friday. Black Friday is the day we are to be greedy and fight for the enticing deals. We push, we shove, and at the end of the day, we are left at home with materialistic happiness.

National Giving Day is not well known but it is truly crucial for nonprofits. This year will be my second year working with a non profit at my college. Starting January 1, I will be the Volunteer Coordinator for a nonprofit called ‘Food For Thought.’ Before this experience, I would look at National Giving Day as a scheme to give money. However, now that I am in the loop, I look at it as a chance to grow and help others. The purpose of my nonprofit is to feed kids who are food insecure in the Hastings area. The group feeds 100 families every week, in 5 different schools. We made a promise to these families to help provide them food over the weekend. What happens when our money runs low and we can’t afford to feed them? Our promise is broke and the children suffer.

On National Giving Day, we ask that you take time out of your day to think about others. We are caught up in a world of take and lend, but little do we give. We are built on values that benefit ourselves, but seldom do we think of others. When somebody is in need, we quickly respond with an answer that is directly to the ethics of that person: “Get a job,” “Don’t do drugs.” “It is their own fault.” These statements assume that we know their life. Just because a family is struggling to feed themselves doesn’t mean they are jobless or on drugs. Initially, if the parents aren’t making smart decision, the children are the ones hurt, not the adults. On the other hand, we do not know their situation and it is none of our business. If somebody is in need, those who are willing and able should lend the hand. With this giving day over, we must take the time and give more than we take. It might not be, National Giving Day, but we should never specify when to help others. Instead, we should take each day as a challenge to help somebody else. The smallest of effort can help in the biggest way. I challenge you, to lend a hand or give a positive word to somebody in need. Do this daily, and you too will find a little sprinkle of joy in your life.

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