Given the implosion of the Trump presidency, it seems rational to propose the thought of holding national elections to be initiated should impeachment processes occur. The chain of command currently existing that would be enforced in the event of impeachment is invalid as a legitimate line of succession. If indeed the Trump administration ascended to power via impeachable means; then the ascension of Mike Pence would be equally as invalid as Trump himself.

Therefore, should impeachment processes initiate, a national vote of either new candidates; or the election of the most popular/liked politician be considered as opposition to Mike Pence. If we extrapolate this thought, then the scenario that should be considered would be Mike Pence versus Bernie Sanders. Not only will this propose a legitimate form of succeeding power; but it would also restore faith in the democratic process given the mass public support by a majority of the population behind Bernie Sanders as a credible and trusted politician. Sanders would also be given a means of rightfully gaining the opportunity denied to him by the illegal behaviors of the DNC during the national election of 2016; which undermined his ability to become the nominee for president for the Democratic Party.

The illegitimacy of the Trump Administration is rapidly driving the nation to having a constitutional crisis to the point of impeaching and removing the president. Should this happen, the democratic stability of the nation will be placed in a unique situation. If indeed the current administration is shown to be responsible for impeachable offenses, then the entire legitimacy of the current chain of command/line of succession will be placed in serious question. Therefore a democratic revitalization will be required to restore faith in the nation's institutions. Bernie Sanders is the most popular and liked politician, a former presidential candidate from 2016, and an influential leader of a unifying national moment; he possesses the most legitimate opposition to the current administration. The need to restore democratic stability is a necessity to retain national security and coherence. National elections must be called for by the elected officials, governmental officials, and the citizenry.