Nathan Peterman Horrible Performance for the Buffalo Bills

Nathan Peterman Has Another Horrible Performance for the Buffalo Bills

In classic Peterman style, the Bills quarterback throws several interceptions in a losing effort.

If you thought after my previous article regarding my roast of Buffalo Bills quarterback Nate Peterman that I would follow up with a redemption-esque story, well you're quite wrong. Peterman started for the Bills last week and produced a performance that only "Pickerman" could. He threw three interceptions and the team could only muster up nine points in another deflating loss to the Chicago Bears.

Was I surprised by this outcome? Frankly no. Did I think "Pickerman" would throw a couple interceptions during the game? Yes. Peterman is the laughing stock of a franchise that was surrounded by hope at the start of the season. A team in which they were coming of their first postseason appearance in 17 years. He started week one for this team for Pete's sake. He was the guy who was believed to be the face of this team. But, he showed that he isn't that guy and will never be that guy. His talents have been evaluated time and time again. Which leads me to my next points: why is this guy still on our roster? Wait, why is this guy still in the NFL?

EJ Manuel, a former Bills quarterback who like Peterman, couldn't get it done in the NFL had a lot to say after watching Peterman's poor performance. He wrote on Instagram that, "I usually never open up about my situation in Buffalo, but the fact that this guy has had multiple games with four-plus interceptions...and I still don't have a job in the league?...UNREAL."

Listen, I hated Manuel. He was terrible for our organization and he couldn't produce wins. But I've got to agree with him here. It really makes no sense to myself or to many loyal Bills fans why this guy still has a roster spot. Candidly, it is disrespectful to our fan base to have a guy who is terrible of a player hold the reigns of quarterback. Is there really no one else that we can sign?

Now I wouldn't EJ to come back. I really hope he doesn't. But there has to be someone out in free agency or a guy that we could trade to come into Buffalo and turn the mojo around. I've sat around and watched this organization produce a losing record year after year. I've seen quarterbacks with high promise play for the Bills and after their short and non-impressive tenures lose any football credibility they may have had. But this fan base, which is so devoted to their Buffalo Bills deserves more. If the general manager is not able to figure that out then I would be deeply surprised.

Now, this was not intended to be a sappy article describing the horrors of being a Bills fan. We all know them by now. Instead, this is more of a cry for help. For anyone listening in the Bills organization or coaching staff to get Nathan Peterman off of the roster as soon as possible. Please, before we embarrass ourselves any more.

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