10 Foods That Go Together Like Toothpaste And Orange Juice

10 Foods That Go Together Like Toothpaste And Orange Juice

Pineapple on pizza? No way, Jose!

Through my years in college, I have found that people have some very weird eating habits. Normally, I am all for people eating whatever they want but there are a few foods that just do NOT go together.

1. Macaroni and cheese with ketchup.

I don't know who thought ruining Mac & Cheese would be a good idea, but I am completely grossed out. Cheese and ketchup? Pasta and ketchup? No thank you.

2. Pineapple with pizza

The debate of a lifetime in one picture. I am definitely on the side that does not support pineapples on pizza. The "sweet and salty" does not work for me. Sorry, not sorry.

3. Pickles with peanut butter

This one was actually a surprise to me! Who in their right mind would eat pickles with peanut butter? That should be a crime against humanity. Gross.

4. Pop-Tarts with ranch

I agree with Pop-Tarts on this one. Eating Pop-Tarts and ranch is absolutely disrespectful. Hopefully, this Twitter post was just for the views and the culprit didn't actually eat it. Also, does anyone else from Oklahoma eat Pop-Tarts like this? If so, this is a disgrace to the rest of the states! Do me a favor and just stop.

5. Eggs with ketchup

Just like the pineapples with pizza, eggs with ketchup is another popular food to eat. Maybe it is just because I don't like ketchup, but this is something else I just don't think goes together. I mean, why not just put salt and pepper on your eggs if you want flavor? Why ketchup? *Insert grossed out emoji here*

6. Oreos with orange juice

This one had me in shock. Why in the world would you even think about dipping an Oreo in orange juice? Chocolate with citrus doesn't even sound good. I couldn't even tell you which one is worse, Pop-Tarts and ranch or this. Word to the wise, don't try this.

7. Popcorn with ketchup

Who even thinks "I'm going to put ketchup on my popcorn" while they are at the movies? There is even a ketchup popcorn seasoning! What is going on? I don't understand why anyone would try this let alone think about trying it.

8. Butter with jelly

My cousin eats his sandwiches like this. On both pieces of bread, he will put a layer of butter and then on one piece, he puts the jelly and on the other he puts the peanut butter. I have tried this. It was gross. All I tasted was butter. I literally felt like I was just eating raw butter out of the tub. Gross.

9. Cheetos with milk

Again, who even thought of this? Who wakes up one morning and says "Man, I am really craving a bowl of Cheetos Cereal"? Just the thought of pouring milk into a bowl of Cheetos makes me sick.

10. Avocado with chocolate

I can understand this one. . . Sort of. Avocados are healthy and dark chocolate is healthy-ish. However, that doesn't mean that we just put them together and make chocolate avocado cake! There was a line, and the person who made this cake crossed it.

In fact, everyone who eats these foods has crossed the line.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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