If you went to the doctor and they diagnosed you with fang finger fever these would be your symptoms.

1. You don't remember the original chorus to "I like it, I love it".

When you hear "I like it, I love it" come on the radio you automatically sing the goal song. At this point you don't even know what the original song said. Nothing is sweeter than seeing Tim McGraw pop up on the jumbotron and singing along.

2. You hate the Blackhawks.

When I was younger I didn't think I could ever hate a team as much as I hated the Red Wings....boy was I wrong. Blackhawk fans are more obnoxious than their players and being around them makes you break out in hives. Yes, we know how many times you've won the Stanley Cup. Thanks for letting us know...again.

3. Nothing tastes better than a free frosty.

The "we want frosties chant" is a fan favorite on game night. You can either eat one in celebration or eat one in mourning. After scoring four goals it's more than likely in celebration. Thanks Wendy's!

4. Pekka Rinne is your hero.

The loudest roar you'll hear at a Preds game is when they announce Pekka as the starting goalie. He lets you rest a little easier in your seat knowing he will stop almost every puck that comes his way.

5. You constantly have to defend your team.

Yes, we are a small market team in the south. Yes, I do know every players name. Yes, we do have real talent. Yes, we do have sellouts. No, we don't want your pity. Yes, we are going to win a Stanley Cup. The list could go on but the main thing we want people to know is Bridgestone Arena has NEVER looked as empty as a Florida Panthers game.

6. You know way too many Shea Weber/Chuck Norris jokes.

"Shea Weber's slap shot is the only known object to be able to escape the fate of a black hole."

"The only reason Forrest Gump kept running was because he thought Shea Weber was behind him."

"Gandalf said, "You shall not pass." Shea Weber said, "Try me.""

"Light wishes it was as fast as one of Shea Weber's slap shots."

7. You know how biased the NHL and their refs are.

If the Blackhawks didn't do it then the NHL isn't going to talk about it. God forbid they end Patrick Kane's point streak for goal tender interference. Can you imagine how good we would be if the NHL liked us?

8. You love the team off the ice even more than on the ice.

You love the team for what they do on the ice but love them even more for what they do in the community. They are always working with the Preds Foundation to go to cancer wards, schools and charity events. Our front office is so awesome that we don't even have to get paid to do veteran tributes *cough* Minnesota Wild *cough*.

9. Pete and Terry are your favorite broadcasters.

Why these two aren't together doing play-by-play is beyond me. They will forever be a fan favorite broadcasting duo. Pete always has a smile on his face (even after a heart attack) and Terry always has a lighthearted joke to tell.

10. You can't wait for Paul to say "thank you" someday.

Come on Preds PA Paul...it's the polite thing to do. Chances are you've taken someone to their first Predators game and they've asked "Who's Paul?" after we tell him thanks for being so nice and letting us know there's one minute left. One of these days Paul is going to say "You're welcome", drop the mic and walk away.