Summer jobs. You know the concept all too well if you spend some of your precious off-season working to afford the various expenses life throws at you. However, not all summer jobs have to completely take away your freedom. For a while now, I’ve received scoffs or funny looks from people when they ask what I’m doing for the summer and I reply “nannying,” as if my job wasn’t a job at all. But, the joke’s on them. While they’re slaving away in a building somewhere, I’m busy reaping the benefits being a babysitter. Here’s why nannying children is the best summer job.

1. Paid In Cash = No Taxes

Most of the time, you babysit for a family who compensates you for your work in cash. There’s no waiting for a direct deposit to go through and no annoying taxes are taken out of your precious “paycheck.” The under-the-table way of being paid for nannying is one of the greatest benefits to working a job like that.

2. Kids Can Be Cute

I have babysat for some of the cutest little children. They can often turn your day around with one little smile or cute joke. And (with permission), they look super cute with the Snapchat filters.

3. You Can Still Go To The Beach

Or the pool. Normally, parents have no problem with you taking the kids to the beach or the pool for the day and would rather their kids be outside anyways. This way, you're still able to get your tan on while working. Not many of your other friends can say that!

4. You Get To Be A Kid Again

Of course, there will be times when the kids you babysit ask you to play with them. You get to relive some of your own childhood when you swing with them at the park or finger-paint a masterpiece. And, there's no shame in enjoying it ... because it's your job after all, right?!

5. You Learn Some Valuable Skills

Since babysitting for people, I have learned so much about how to take care of children.I've learned how to deal with screaming children in public, change diapers and feed newborns. You (sort-of) get a head-start and a little insight into what it would be like when you eventually have your own kids.

6. You Get To Give Them Back

With that being said, you get to go home at the end of the day and give the kids back to their parents. You get to hangout with them just long enough for them to be cute and entertaining, while getting paid and not having to deal with some of the real life issues parents have to deal with. The best of both worlds.