I Need To Be on The Show 'Nailed It'

I Need To Be on The Show 'Nailed It'

Who doesn't want $10,000 for being a mediocre baker?


It's the summer, and school is out. It seems like the perfect time to be getting in shape, spending time outdoors, and with friends and family, right? No, it's the perfect time to understand why Netflix is a genius and start binge-watching shows that I didn't have time to binge-watch while in college.

The best show to watch right now on Netflix is "Nailed It." The show only has 13 episodes and 2 seasons (6 episodes in the first one, and 7 in the second), and there needs to be a third season. The episodes are fast, upbeat, and funny. Also, I think they're only like 30 minutes long.

Nailed It is a cooking competition show where mediocre bakers try to make Pinterest looking baked goods. A lot of them turn out awful looking and it is the funniest thing in the world to see these people attempting to make it, and to see the final ugly product. The people on the show, aren't chefs or bakers, they are average everyday people that have normal jobs that aren't in the food industry.

The host, she's the best part about the show in all honesty. Her name is Nicole Byer, and she is spunky, loud, weird, and funny. In some of the episodes, she gets to possibly annoy two of the contestants if a contestant gets to use the advantage, every single time she annoys the constants I laugh so hard that I begin to cry.

Also, her reactions to the food and seeing the contestants mess up is hilarious. On one episode the contestants had a make a cake that looks like sushi, and she uses these huge chopsticks to try to eat the cake like it was real sushi. It is hysterical.

Knowing the premise of the show and after binge-watching the whole first season in a sitting, I have to come to the conclusion that I should be a contestant on the show. Not only that, I think I could possibly win the show as well. That would be really nice, considering the winner gets $10,000, and I am thinking about how not broke I will be if that were the case.

I am the perfect contestant to be on the show for many reasons. First of all, I can't bake or cook to save my life. I can only cook pasta, eggs, and pancakes, but nobody should be eating them because I can't cook them well.

The big thing is that I cannot bake, but maybe who knows, I can start my baking as training to be on the show. I will still be mediocre because if I go on the show let's say next year, that's only 6 months of learning how to bake. That's miniscule compared to the time most of the contestants have on the show.

Also, if I train to be on the show and I get some of my friends who don't burn down their kitchens whenever they try to cook something, then I feel like I have a good chance of winning. I watch a lot of food network and I pay attention to what they're saying to the audience at home, I am a fast learner (you have to be if you're in college or else, you're like low-key screwed), and I am determined to win this money.

I think I should be on the show, and I think I am the perfect contestant to be on the show. I am funny, sometimes unfiltered, and I will make a fool of myself in the kitchen under stress because like I am in the kitchen in a high-stress environment. Those two things and me, should not go together, and it would make great television!

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My Predictions Of The Top Five Acts Of 'America's Got Talent'

Only one act can win which one will it be?

"America's Got Talent," is one the greatest shows ever created. People come from all over the world proving they are the act to win one million dollars, some of the acts are inspiring while others are well..unique. Every act believes they deserve the million dollars, their problem is they need to convince you they are.

All of the acts do have one thing in common though, if you believe in yourself and give it all you got you will go far (in your self confidence and realizing you are talented even if the judges do not agree. you do not have to win the show to prove your talented, you have to leave impression to be remembered those are who the real winners are.

In fact, the acts you remember start to influence your opinion on them, eventually you start to become one of judges, watching their every moment to witness their mistakes or greatness.

Since only one act can win I have started to narrow down to my top five acts I feel will win. Imagine one morning you were just an ordinary person, then decide to audition, end up on the show, make it to the live show, and win. Your life will never be the same.

America does have talent in performing, what I want to know is do we have talent in judging accurately.

Top five acts:

Only 14 years old and she has a voice of a professional. Impacting back story, very poised and makes you smile. I just cannot imagine how someone so young can be so mature and have this voice that really pulls your heart strings.

A magician and an NFL player? I already think this guy is extremely talented, and I'm sure his team is rooting for him too, and did you see the way he made Simon Cowell not only smile, but laugh a long time, he was practically in awe. I think he already proved significantly he is talented.

A magnificent voice, and impressively covering a beautiful song. Once you watch his backstory you will understanding the meaning. This guy truly knows the meaning of performance. He leaves an impression on every in the audience, and has a standing ovation.

This act is bringing the fire out of everyone, perfect timing of movement, song choice, and the intensity that makes you want to scream maybe not quite like Mel B, but you cannot contain yourself. Plus how does it make your heart feel seeing how happy they were with the golden buzzer from George Lopez?

The final act is best for last. Not only are they an acapella group, they prove the true meaning of "do not judge a book by its cover" never assume someone cannot do something, based on their appearance and these guys proved stereotypes have nothing on them. Oh, by the way Simon Cowell said they are his favorite. That alone proves they are the real winners.

What did you think of these acts? Do you have a favorite act that was not listed? Let's all hope our favorite act will win. Until then America will keep us on the edge of our seats until they reveal the true talent.

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6 Reasons Sydney White Is An Inaccurate Representation Of College Life

Sydney White and the seven dorks take over college?


If you haven't noticed, "Sydney White" ('07) has been added to Netflix.

When I saw it, I watched it and was reminded of how much I loved this movie back when it came out.

Seriously, if you haven't seen it, you need to, and if you have seen it, it's a great movie to watch again and live in the nostalgia of the days before Amanda Bynes went crazy.

It wasn't until I watched it a few days later with my friends who had never seen it before (who remind me of my own group of dorks) did I realize just how wrong and stereotypical this movie is about life in college.

1. The Sorority

The biggest inaccuracy in this movie is probably the Kappa Phi Nu Sorority.

Yes, there may always be a Rachel Witchburn wherever we turn, but there aren't entire sororities made of them. Actually, from the friends I've made at the College of Charleston who are in a sorority, none of them are anything like Rachel and her clique, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

I myself may not be in a sorority, but I know you're not given a bid based on how pretty you are.

I also know that once you are given a bid, as a pledge, you are not hazed. It doesn't matter what they call it, Sydney and the other pledges were definitely hazed and that wouldn't fly.

Especially the close examination of their faces, judging the pledges and dictating what they are and are not allowed to eat. That's just straight up bullying.

Also, I don't think pledges sleep on the floor of the floor of the sorority house and give up their dorm rooms to live in the house.

2. "The Greeks" rule the school

No institution would ever allow "the Greeks" to have that much power in important campus-wide decision making.

The movie plays it up as Rachel Witchburn and Tyler Prince's (of Beta Omega Rho) families being the biggest patrons, but even then, they wouldn't have that much power.

I don't believe the Student Council can have that much power to say "knock down this to build that."

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what the school's Student Council does (sorry), but I know it's not that influential.

3. The Vortex

As George (Dopey) put it, "it's called the Vortex because it sucks losers in." It's not so much the seven dorks who live in the Vortex that bother me, it's the building itself.

Seriously, how can the university just ignore the fact that this place is a literal death trap? Unsafe living conditions, bad plumbing, probably poor AC/heat as well.

And do the Dorks pay to live there?

You have to pay housing to live in a dorm and you have to pay fees to live in a sorority/fraternity house.

So, is the Vortex just so neglected that the school doesn't care either way if people live in it or not?

4. The stereotypes

Speaking of stereotypes, some of the ones presented in this movie were just straight up offensive to some communities.

Obviously, one is the greeks and how sororities are full of blonde, fake bitches who will ruin your lives and that the fraternities just have sex all of the time.

Although Tyler debunked that when he revealed to the Dorks that the guys at Beta also spend most of their time playing video games.

But, when Sydney and the Dorks start appealing to the other school clubs and organizations for the Freedom to the 7th Power campaign, we see a lot of these groups depicted as their stereotypes, in what is supposed to be shown as a montage of diversity, but instead, is just casual prejudice.

The Jewish Student Union, to start with, only showed Hasidic Jews with the Payot, dark clothing, various headdresses and Tallits. Obviously, they really focused in on one sect of Judaism and stuck with it, not showing that the Jewish community itself is also very diverse.

The part that really bothered the hell out of my one friend is when Sydney and the Dorks attended the Open Mic night with the LGBTQ+ Alliance.

But, they seem to have associated a Trans-person with a Drag Queen, which is absolutely wrong and also very offensive. I get that this movie came out in 2007, and there was an aura of ignorance when it came to the LGBTQ+ community, but still.

Not to mention the other organizations she visited that were completely stereotypes and I'm sure, in return, offended the people who belong to those groups, but that whole montage had so much going on, I couldn't even tell.

5. The Hot-or-Not List

This would never ever happen on a college campus!

Maybe in high school, where you know at least the majority of the people that go there (small school vs. large school), but not on a campus with 10,000+ students.

The school featured in the movie, Southern Atlantic University, seems like a huge university.

Yes, Rachel WItchburn may have been super popular, but there's no way the entire school kept voting for her to be #1 for years!

Plus, who the hell would care about something like that in college vs. high school?

Well, Rachel Witchburn, I guess.

6. Everything just seemed too perfect

I wish Move-In Day was as organized, stress-free and happy as they show in the movie.

SAU must have a lot of parking spaces because they depict it as the entire school moving in at once. And everyone just looks so happy about lugging these boxes!

Sydney literally only moves in with 3 bags: a duffle bag filled with clothes, a backpack, which I hope have her toiletries in and a huge ass briefcase just for her comic books!

Where is the stuff for her room like sheets? Is that sleeping bag her own or did Kappa lend her it?

Then there's the library scene! When Tyler and his Beta Boys come in singing Accapella to Sydney to get her to go out on a date with him. This would never happen, or maybe it would, but he'd be banned from the library or something. They were so loud and these poor students were just trying to do their work and study.

Nobody ever even comes up to him and tells him to shut up — the Greeks can't have so much power they're immune!

While this movie may be completely inaccurate and horribly offensive, it teaches that you should not judge a book by its cover and you should band together to stand up to your oppressors. It teaches that we can find friendship in the strangest of circumstances.

If this movie was made today, half the stuff in it would not fly, but we can watch it for nostalgic purposes and enjoy it for what it is.

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