I Need To Be on The Show 'Nailed It'

I Need To Be on The Show 'Nailed It'

Who doesn't want $10,000 for being a mediocre baker?


It's the summer, and school is out. It seems like the perfect time to be getting in shape, spending time outdoors, and with friends and family, right? No, it's the perfect time to understand why Netflix is a genius and start binge-watching shows that I didn't have time to binge-watch while in college.

The best show to watch right now on Netflix is "Nailed It." The show only has 13 episodes and 2 seasons (6 episodes in the first one, and 7 in the second), and there needs to be a third season. The episodes are fast, upbeat, and funny. Also, I think they're only like 30 minutes long.

Nailed It is a cooking competition show where mediocre bakers try to make Pinterest looking baked goods. A lot of them turn out awful looking and it is the funniest thing in the world to see these people attempting to make it, and to see the final ugly product. The people on the show, aren't chefs or bakers, they are average everyday people that have normal jobs that aren't in the food industry.

The host, she's the best part about the show in all honesty. Her name is Nicole Byer, and she is spunky, loud, weird, and funny. In some of the episodes, she gets to possibly annoy two of the contestants if a contestant gets to use the advantage, every single time she annoys the constants I laugh so hard that I begin to cry.

Also, her reactions to the food and seeing the contestants mess up is hilarious. On one episode the contestants had a make a cake that looks like sushi, and she uses these huge chopsticks to try to eat the cake like it was real sushi. It is hysterical.

Knowing the premise of the show and after binge-watching the whole first season in a sitting, I have to come to the conclusion that I should be a contestant on the show. Not only that, I think I could possibly win the show as well. That would be really nice, considering the winner gets $10,000, and I am thinking about how not broke I will be if that were the case.

I am the perfect contestant to be on the show for many reasons. First of all, I can't bake or cook to save my life. I can only cook pasta, eggs, and pancakes, but nobody should be eating them because I can't cook them well.

The big thing is that I cannot bake, but maybe who knows, I can start my baking as training to be on the show. I will still be mediocre because if I go on the show let's say next year, that's only 6 months of learning how to bake. That's miniscule compared to the time most of the contestants have on the show.

Also, if I train to be on the show and I get some of my friends who don't burn down their kitchens whenever they try to cook something, then I feel like I have a good chance of winning. I watch a lot of food network and I pay attention to what they're saying to the audience at home, I am a fast learner (you have to be if you're in college or else, you're like low-key screwed), and I am determined to win this money.

I think I should be on the show, and I think I am the perfect contestant to be on the show. I am funny, sometimes unfiltered, and I will make a fool of myself in the kitchen under stress because like I am in the kitchen in a high-stress environment. Those two things and me, should not go together, and it would make great television!

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10 Relatable Kardashian Moments To Get You Through This Holiday

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The holiday season is upon us known for its large meals requiring stretchy pants and its uncomfortable family reunions filled with inevitable drama. So as you are sitting at the family dinner table getting asked for the 16th millionth time why you are still single here are some of the Kardashians most relatable family moments that will have you dying of laughter.

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2. That one aunt who's on her fifth divorce 

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Kim Kardashian will never be able to live down her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries just like you'll never be able to live down the time your parents walked in on you and your friends smoking. And of course they would never forget to bring it up at a family dinner, I mean how could they?

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At the end of the day they always have your back no matter what so don't take it for granted.

10. Even if they drive you crazy most of the time 

You'll always love them no matter how much you fight.

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