7 Myths About the Coronavirus that we NEED to Dubunk
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7 Myths About the Coronavirus that we NEED to Dubunk

No need to panic!

7 Myths About the Coronavirus that we NEED to Dubunk

The media tends to only focus on the extremes and the negatives, causing people to panic. Here are some important facts about COVID-19 that are seperate from media outlets.

The Coronavirus is FATAL

Yes, people are dying from the virus. But many many many more are recovering fully!

You can get the virus from packages

Studies show that there has been no trace of the virus on shipment from international areas.

Your pets can catch and spread the virus

No true or proven.

Face masks prevent the spread of the virus

If you do not have covid-19, it will not protect you from catching the virus. They do however prevent the spread from person to person (if you already tested postive for the virus).

You NEED to run out and stock up on goods NOW

Yes, prepare for the worst but do NOT over do it. Many people are struggling just to get ONE bottle of hand sanitizer or ONE pack of toilet paper, Stores are sold out worldwide.

The coronavirus is extremely dangerous

No virus is a good thing however; the coronavirus is not any more dangerous than what we have encountered before.

Banning travel and transportation will stop the virus from spreading

The virus will continue to spread regardless and take it's natural course.

Please continue to stay safe and to practice good hygiene!!!! Follow respected media outlets and take precaution depending on the status of your state or country.

If your area is under lockdown (like mine) do the best you can to limit social interaction. It is scary but you are not alone.

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