The number of people falling for some kind of addiction is increasing at a drastic rate. Only in America, 21 million people are reportedly addicted to at least one kind of addictive thing.

And among all kinds of addiction, drug overdose has turned out to be the most fatal one – killing almost 44,000 people every year, as per the report by Medscape. There are multiple reasons for this growing fatality rate due to drug addiction. People don't seek help for addiction, society isn't sensitized, and rehab centers are not turning out to be as effective as they should. And this is not okay!

Do you know 7 out of 10 people who undergo rehabilitation programs start using drugs after some time? So, now the people are questioning why rehabilitation programs are not turning out to be as effective and where things are going wrong? So, if you have also been wondering about these questions, then here is the answer:

People Fall for Luxury:

Most of the people get the idea of rehab centers from celebrities' pictures printed on the main page of a newspaper as they undergo drug rehab in Florida, or somewhere else. And all these treatment centers are plush and luxurious! So, we have made up a perception that a rehabilitation center should be luxurious and high-end.

Rehab centers' charges from $20,000 to more than $60,000, and as this figure goes high, the amenities of these rehabilitation programs also increase. But not all luxurious rehabs are effective, as well. Some of them don't offer good treatment programs, while some others don't have good staff. But people choose them just because they are luxurious – and that's where things start going wrong.

No Dual Diagnosis Program:

Society has a particular perception about people dealing with drug addiction: they are considered as people with weak nerves, bad habits, lack of motivation, etc. But very few people associate it with mental health issues, although mental problems and drug abuse go hand in hand. Many studies have found that both the issues can become a trigger to instigate the other issue, i.e., mental health issues lead to drug abuse, and drug abuse might become the cause of depression, anxiety, etc. If anyone of the issues will persist, it will trigger the other as well.

But some addiction centers don't offer dual diagnosis programs where both problems are treated at a time. So, even if drug addiction is cured for some time, depression will entice the person to seek refuge in drugs again. And the cycle will continue!

No Customized Approach:

All addicts can't be similar to one another just because they have a common issue of addiction. Every person is different from others, their causes of addiction are different, conditions are different, and resultantly, their treatment requirements are different. But some treatment centers don't focus on this important point, and they treat all patients with the same approach. That's where addiction treatment's effectiveness starts going down the drain.

So, there isn't any problem with the rehabilitation program; the issue lies with the selection of the rehabilitation center. Look for an addiction program where people know their work and care for you. That's what makes the difference!