My Winter Favorites of 2019


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My best investment of 2019. I will always be Apple's biggest supporter.

Click here to buy for $159.00.

Hot Yoga

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How I spend my Sunday nights and stressful days. The best way to detox the week literally.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of hot yoga. Prices vary depending on the studio.

Amazon Teddy Coat

Photo provided by Amazon

So cozy and cheap. It was recommended by a friend. She is a good friend obviously.

Click here to buy for $28.99.

Hey Dewy Diffuser

Photo provided by Hey Dewy

I love anything portable! So perfect for clearing the room and hydrating your face.

Click here to buy for $39.00.

Superfood Kale Cleanser

Photo provided by the company

It leaves my face hydrated and healthy. If it says Superfood, I am in.

Click here to buy for $36.00.

Summer Friday's R + R Masque

Photo provided by Summer Friday's

My favorite girl boss created this so it was a no brainer. Plus the smell!? 2020 is the year of good skincare.

Click here to buy for $52.00.

Happy Not Perfect Phone App

Photo provided by Happy Not Perfect

This is how I start my mornings. Mediation, appreciation, and something to get me excited for the day.

Learn more about it here! Give the free version a try.

Ritual's Organic Rice Milk + Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

Photo provided by the company

My post-shower Ritual (get it). Cherry Blossom is the best smell to ever exist.

Click here to buy for $7.50.

Peloton Bike

Photo provided by Peloton

Pro-tip: put it next to a tv. I just watched Netflix for an hour and burned over 200 calories mindlessly peddling. Obviously the classes it comes with are amazing too but I prefer my Netflix option.

Click here to view different purchasing options starting with $2,245.00.

Arbonne Fizz Sticks

Photo provided by Arbonne

It is best mixed with an unsweetened passion tea from Starbucks. I love starting my mornings with this. Pomegranate flavor is the way to go!

Click here to buy for $55.00 or sign up as a preferred customer and get $11.00 off the price.

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