As someone who grew up in the dance (mainly ballet) world, I have grown extremely aware of physical health and fitness. It is important to remember everyone is different and will vary in reactions to workouts and diets. However, I still wanted to share my positive relationship with exercise. Below is a list of my absolute favorite places to get in a workout!

1. CorePower Yoga

Whether your body is craving an intense hot yoga sculpt class or a relaxing stretch class, CorePower has benefited my own body and mind (see my very first article to read more about yoga). I absolutely love taking class here both at school in LA and at home in Denver! It is a great way to get your mind off of things and focus on yourself for a little bit. The large range of class offerings also allows you to fit in time in your daily schedule.

2. Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory offers high intensity interval training (HIIT). I like to balance the cardio aspect with my yoga practice because I can release more stress and unwanted feelings in a tough, upbeat class. Every location I have attended has had the nicest, most encouraging instructors who are not afraid to push you. Their energy is contagious and aids you in reaching your fitness goals—looking beyond the hard work-out!

3. A Dance Class

As a dancer, I could not exclude dancing as a favorite work-out! No matter the experience or background, dancing is also beneficial for the mind and the body. Focusing on the combinations and moving your body to music is a great way to escape the outside world. From Zumba to ballet, dancing gets you to sweat and smile!

4. A Walk Outside

Anyone who knows me will know that I love being outside. A slight breeze with the sun shining means that it is time for a walk outside! My favorite place to walk is my neighborhood trail at home with its surrounding beauty. I love the green trees, wide open fields, small little creeks and ponds, and all of the animals that live in this natural habitat. I can walk longer than I intend to sometimes- just admiring God's work!

5. The "Regular" Gym

While this may seem like the most popular, affordable, and boring option, a gym workout is often times really effective too. It takes self-discipline, focus, and determination to get to the gym and complete a workout for YOU—no one else. Finding a gym buddy to go with can be helpful as well!

Fitness is an important part of my life. This list briefly discusses my favorite places to move my body. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is best for your body, mind, and health level. Exercising does wonders for me mentally and physically, and I simply wish to share my passion for fitness with others. Spread the love and move your body!