My Top 3 Recommendations For Drugstore Face Masks
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My Top 3 Recommendations For Drugstore Face Masks

These masks are sure to keep your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated all day long.

My Top 3 Recommendations For Drugstore Face Masks

As a newfound lover of all things Curology, my skin has been looking its clearest in years. After making Curology products my primary skincare routine, I fortunately have had to spend far less time stressing about my skin and trying different remedies to dissolve breakouts and blemishes. With that being said, I still strongly believe in a quality face mask at least once a week to refresh and purify my skin. My problem area has always been my T-zone, meaning that most of my oil and breakouts will likely occur on my forehead, nose and/or chin. Keeping this factor in mind, I was able to find a few drugstore face masks that cater to these needs, all of which I now consider to be staples in my skincare routine.

For Acne, Breakouts And Blackheads...

I highly recommend using "Yes to Tomatoes" charcoal peel off mask for an all over detoxification on the face. In my experience, it has been an absolute lifesaver on mornings when I wake up having forgotten to wash my makeup off and am left with stubborn breakouts. It has also been incredibly helpful in quickly drying up blemishes in random spots or problem areas. Simply apply the mask all over your face with the applicator, let it dry for at least 15 minutes, and peel away the dirt from your pores!

For A Calming Effect...

Check out Pacifica's "Disobey Time" mask. It is targeted for hydrating the skin while giving it a youthful looking effect, and it's serum has calmed my skin in times of stress, redness and dryness. If you're looking for an easy, all over glow, this is the product you want in your bag. Apply the paper mask to your face for about ten minutes, and once removed you do not need to rinse your face. Instead, rub the remainder of the serum on your face and neck. It continues to work its magic even after the mask is removed!

For Instant Hydration...

Use "Yes to Coconut" ultra hydrating paper mask. I apply this product on a frequent basis, due to the fact that my skin tends to get very dry after cleansing. It has an intoxicating coconut fragrance, and my skin feels like butter once I remove it. It provides the ultimate blast of hydration that my skin needs, and leaves it feeling soft and incredibly smooth for the rest of the day. In addition to this mask, I also love to use the "Yes to Coconut" Milk Mistified Moisturizer on a daily basis. I typically apply the mist to my face in between getting out of the shower and applying my makeup. It hydrates my skin quickly, leaving me with the glow I need to take on my day.

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