My Thoughts On Hair Removal

First of all, everybody is beautiful with or without hair, and if anybody wants to go down the path of hair removal … well, best of luck.

When I was about ten, I was approached by my mom, aunts, and sisters stating that it was time. It was time that I became a woman. Well, I already have my period, so technically haven't I already become a woman? Apparently, there is more to it… I had to go through the process of hair removal.

Why? That is such good question because I don’t even know. I started to question everything, what was the point of hair removal and the torture? Why, must I, like many girls out there go through this?

Now, I am a South Asian girl who has come from a long line of hairy ancestors except my mom who lucked out. So, at ten, it was decided that I had to go through the process of waxing first. There is no real way to describe the horrors I have dealt with on waxing. I still have nightmares of the hot wax dripping down my legs and arms and the anxiety that awaits using wax strips and unpleasant screaming of pain and tears.

Although waxing hurts like a bitch, in the end, I felt like I lost ten pounds and that I look and feel great. My skin was soft and smooth, but unfortunately, it only lasted for about three weeks. But, don’t even get me started on taking the wax off in the shower. That is 3 hours of your life down the drain. Eventually, this became a monthly thing, of stripping down, cry and repeat for about eight years of my life. In between that time, I experimented with other methods of hair removal believing there was some way to get of hair, painless and easy.

I experimented with NAIR cream hair removal and shaving. Now, NAIR is the most disgusting thing I ever smelt. Even though it smelt terrible, it got rid of the unwanted hair, fast and easy, and lasted about two weeks. Unfortunately, there was some downside to this method. It caused my skin irritation and resulted in an allergic reaction. So, it is safe to say NAIR was out of the running.

So, I decided to try shaving. Shaving is very common among women. Even though it is fast and easy, it is also annoying to deal with as it lasts 2 to 3 days and even if you nick yourself. Just like a tiny paper cut nick, you will bleed like a volcano. Since being in college, I haven’t had much time to wax or find a different method. There are other methods like laser removal, but it is a bit out of my price range. Shaving may have its downs, but it is convenient for a college student.

Lastly, I would like to discuss my favorite method of hair removal: threading. The art of threading is not a natural skill to achieve and finding the right person to do the job takes a couple of experiments. Since I am South Asian, I have naturally bushy eyebrows. In order to have clean, neat eyebrows I need get them threaded. Now, threading hurts. Not like waxing or getting a nick from shaving, I’m talking quick sharp pain that last about 10 minutes. Threading can be convenient, but it is dreadful to deal with because hair grows back in about a week. It took me about two years to find someone that will trust to shape my eyebrows on fleek and lives not too far.

Overall hair removal can be a nightmare, but people are beautiful with or without it. At a young age, I was pushed into it believing I didn’t have a choice. I became self- conscious about my hair and had anxiety when to hair removal. As I grew up, I saw women not caring about hair removal and believed it okay to be natural. Therefore, hair removal should be the choice of that person, and people should not judge when it comes to that choice.

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