My Ranking of Every Song On "The Family Jewels"

I'm about to embark on the most difficult journey. Marina and The Diamonds is a lyrical genius. She has the ability to create the most complex situations in the most straightforward ways. Every single one of her songs a work of art. But I am going to take them on anyway. I will rank her first album's songs in order from best to worst. Clarification: this does not mean that I think any of her songs are bad..they are all brilliant and this is not my definite list and should not be treated as such. It is how I'm feeling ATM. Legit being so spontaneous.

1. Are You Satisfied?

2. The Outsider

3. Oh No!

4. Hollywood

5. Shampain

6. Numb

7. Obsessions

8. I Am Not A Robot

9. Hermit the Frog

10. Rootless

11. Girls

12. Mowgli's Road

13. Guilty

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