Give Elsa A Hang Glider
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Give Elsa A Hang Glider

She deserves one.

Give Elsa A Hang Glider
Colin Kohrs

In 2013, Walt Disney Studios wowed the world with their newest film, "Frozen." The catchy songs, animation expertise, and refreshing story captured audience members across the world, and three years later, we're still talking about it.

With the announcement of a sequel, many internet users are noticing something missing from the first "Frozen" installment, that could be discussed. That's right: Elsa's preference in mode of transportation.

In the first "Frozen" film, Elsa is seen traveling almost exclusively by foot, and for great distances. She makes a point to forward herself with only her two feet, without aid from any kind of traveling machine. Throughout the film, she is never seen on a plane, nor is she ever seen on a train. In fact, Elsa does not even drive a car at any point in the one hour and 42 minute feature.

There is one scene that many anti-hang glider critics will often bring up. Immediately after the climax of the film, when Elsa and Anna are standing on the frozen lake, the lake thaws out. It is here where Elsa is briefly seen on a transportation device. After the ice melts, Elsa finds herself on a boat that was previously submerged under the ice.

The easy rebuttal here is that Elsa did not intend to be on that boat. She did not go on to that frozen lake with the intention of boarding a non-motorized flotation device that could be used to move a being from one place to another. The fact that Elsa was positioned above this sea-ferrying vessel was entirely coincidental, and should not count towards her establishment as a non-travel-conduit-using individual.

It should also be stated that the presence of this marine-transport-carrier is entirely logical. Why was it underwater to begin with. How was it submerged before the ice froze? If it was submerged before the freeze, how does it function when the ice thaws? These questions go unanswered by the film, and therefore cannot count against Elsa's reputation.

Because of this missing element from "Frozen," many fans are calling for change, using the hashtag "#GiveElsaAHangGlider" recognizing Elsa's inherent need for both (1) a transportation device and (2) this particular kind of transportation device.

The first "Frozen" film really spells it all out. The wish to fly through the skies under a chariot of aluminum alloy and sail cloth is something that is obviously displayed by Elsa, but is also displayed in the exact same way with every hang glider user.

Just look at all of the air symbolism surrounding Elsa. In the hit number, "Let It Go," Elsa sings out, "I am one with the wind and sky." If that doesn't scream "I enjoy the strict use of a light, non-motorized, foot-launched, heavier-than-air aircraft for all of my transport needs," I don't know what does.

Not only does this fulfill Elsa's clear and obvious needs from the first film, it will give much needed representation to a community of adventurists, that don't often get a voice. Think of those little girls and young women out there who are driven to school every day on a bus, in a car or forgo a motor-vehicle all together and walk, when on the inside, all they truly want to do is launch themselves off a high ledge or hilltop, and glide through the air, piloting a glider of which's origins date back to sixth century China. This is a group of people that exist, and deserve a character that is just like them, especially since it is so clear that Elsa has a dying need to aviate.

If anyone doesn't agree with this demand, I implore you to watch the film again, and see if you can finish it without tweeting #GiveElsaAHangGlider.

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