My Pet Made My Life Better

I had a lot of cats growing up and also a lot of dogs. I loved all of them, but ultimately, they have all passed on, except for my dad's dog. I hadn't had a cat since I was about 13 and I was at the time 19. I loved them, I missed having a pet that would come to my desk and just sit there with me while I did my homework or curl up in bed with me while I watched a movie, to just be a companion.

I know what you are all thinking, dogs are so much better than cats.

This is where you are wrong. Yes, some cats can be a pain but they really are very loving, and for the most part, love being around people. While I do love dogs and they are truly man's best friend, cats just hold a special place in my heart. So I had been wanting a cat for a really long time, and my anniversary with my boyfriend was coming up, and we were bored one day and went into a Pet Supermarket by our house and there was a cage with two cats in it. I went over and started to pet them but the black cat just kept coming back for more love and he just wanted all the attention and affection. Honestly, we had a connection as cheesy as it sounds. But my boyfriend was like, "no, we can't get a cat." We ended up leaving the store and honestly, I was so emotional. I loved him so much already and I hadn't even spent more than like 20 minutes with him.

Turns out, my boyfriend was going to get me a cat as an anniversary present but I ruined the surprise because I was just so set on getting this cat.

So after we were driving back to the house I was still really emotional, my boyfriend turned around and said happy anniversary, but of course, I was confused as our anniversary wasn't for another 8 or so days. He said that we were going to get him, I can't explain to you how much joy I felt at that moment. We went back into the store and I told the lady at the counter that we were going to adopt him. They gave me a list; we started picking out a bunch of things, like cat food, toys, treats, bowls, and litter box and I just was so happy. I mean the level of excitement I felt was out of this world. We finally were able to take him home after signing the papers and paying for everything.

He has been a part of my life now for 6 months, my baby Charcoal. When I tell you that that cat follows me everywhere, I'm not kidding.

He just makes me so happy, when I get home he is right at the door waiting for me, and he will sit on the counter and hang out with me while I wash the dishes or clean up the kitchen. He sits in my office with me while I do school work, I mean he even sleeps with me at night, on top of my head sometimes, or curled up right next to me. He made me understand the responsibility of taking care of someone other than yourself. While, yes, I had other pets during the course of my life, my mom or dad were there to pick up the slack if, me being a kid, I wasn't doing everything I was supposed to. He was my sole responsibility, not that my boyfriend doesn't help, but I clean his litter, makes sure he has water and food, get his daily treats, has toys to play with, and I have learned that even if I'm super tired, I still will clean his litter because he shouldn't have to have a dirty litter box. I love him and will do anything for him, that is what love means.

So before you judge, if you have the means and the time to get a pet, I promise they will change your life, always put a smile on your face even when they make a mess or accidentally hurt you.

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