My Personal Breakdown Of The Bachelorette's First Episode

My Personal Breakdown Of The Bachelorette's First Episode

Let's Do The Damn Thing!

Y'all. I have been counting down for this day. Becca's season of The Bachelorette is finally here! After Arie (puke) broke her heart for all of America to see, we can't help but root for Becca to find true love. Monday night I sat down with wine and pizza and wrote down my thoughts on the guys that will join Becca on her journey to find love. Here is my breakdown of the guys that stood out to me the most in episode one *SPOILERS AHEAD*:

Jordan – Male Model

I cannot take this dude seriously. "I'm missing out on sharing myself with someone else." How selfless of you to finally share yourself with someone. When he arrived at the mansion he couldn't stop talking about his outfit. My favorite quotes were: "I wanted Becca to hear the tapping of my shoes. It's like the harping of a gentleman" and "I spent six hours hand selecting everything." One of the contestants said he is like the real life Zoolander... that is 100 percent accurate.

Joe – Grocery Store Owner

Becca might not have seen potential with him, but all of Twitter is obsessed with him. Joe you deserved a chance! Maybe you can *produce* some love in paradise

"I will blow her nose away." What does that even mean? I have to give him mad props though cause after he met Becca she mentioned that he smelled really good. Did they pay her to say that or is he really that good of a colognoisseur???

Kamil – Social Media Participant

First off, since when is being a social media participant a job? Second off, I can't believe he made Becca walk to him saying relationships are 50/50. They are 100/100, Kamil!!! Then he had the audacity to take a few steps back and say 60/40? Becca was like nuh uh, Kamil. Maybe the van met him 60/40 when he was sent home.

Jake – Marketing Consultant

Becca knew him already. They've met a couple of times, and he couldn't even remember the first time they actually met! Becca sent his a$$ home real quick and I love that. Homegirl isn't playing any games! Sorry, your 15 minutes of fame literally only lasted 15 minutes.

Chris - Sales Trainer

It is night one and this guy is already stirring the pot. He has good intentions, but we all know that the person that puts their nose in everyone else's business never makes it far. Have fun on the two-on-one date. I wonder who he will be up against?

Garrett – Medical Sales Rep

The minivan was hilarious, plus he got the first impression rose AND kiss! JoJo said to keep an eye out for that cause the past three seasons of The Bachelorette the guys who won the entire season also got the first impression rose and kissed the first night. If that's the case this season, then I approve!!! But *here's to hoping his Instagram account was actually hacked and he didn't like those controversial pictures*.

All in all, Becca has a great group of guys. I can't wait to see how this season plays out, but most importantly I can't wait to watch "The MOST DRAMATIC season in Bachelorette history."

Cover Image Credit: ABC

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I Didn't Choose To Be A Dance Major, It Chose Me

How my passion became my purpose


I don't remember the exact moment, but I do remember the process. I remember moments in time and the way joy has manifested itself into my life. Perhaps this is the meaning of life—a slow growing journey of finding yourself through experiences and delightfully long conversations with people we care about, long nights filled with laughter, early mornings with dew beneath our toes, waves of utter joy, followed by waves of somber; it's all just part of it. And within these waves and moments of our lives, we begin to see with clarity—a slow but steady process. Clarity occurs when the fog is lifted. It's when you find that thing you're passionate about, and you do it relentlessly. This is the art of becoming.

So, I don't really remember when I became a dancer. I suppose it's been a lifetime of becoming. I can't even really say that it's a choice. I don't think it is. I know that I was born to dance. And this has nothing to do with how I look or anything like that. But it has everything to do with how I feel when I dance. It's this sense of sheer release, and to be able to get to that point of really, truly not having a care in world; this is how you know you're in the process of becoming. It's in the moments where I'm the most lost—the moments where I've really given myself over completely that result in the greatest rewards, usually in the form of self-knowledge. This is clarity.

I have not chosen to become a dancer, but inevitably dance has so gracefully chosen me. And with great appreciation, I've accepted the invitation. I've since made the mindful choice to immerse myself in this art form, because to me this is how joy has chosen to manifest itself in my life. Through movement, and love of music, and love of creating, this is how I've chosen joy.

It recently dawned on me that dance is what we as humans use to declare our vitality. It's an appreciation of being alive. And more so, it's a celebration: of being alive, of our bodies, of human contact, but mostly just of life. We as humans dance to celebrate life.

So with this joy that I've been so lucky to find, I am compelled to study dance. And not just take classes, and not just take notes, but to really study—to really understand what it means to be alive, and to feel gratitude for every ounce of my life.

This is why I'm a dance major.

So before you question me, and perhaps tell me that my major is useless or is not setting me up for a successful life, maybe consider that I've chosen a life of joy. I've chosen to be passionate and throw myself into gaining a greater kinesthetic awareness, a more profound appreciation for music, and for art, and for culture, and just life in general.

I have chosen to celebrate my life, and celebrate what my body allows me to do every day. And through my choices, I've begun to master the art of becoming.

Author's note: The theme of "becoming" was subconsciously inspired by Michelle Obama.

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