This is something that I do not really talk about with other people. In fact, it is something that I do not really think about when I am by myself. Why? Because it reminds me that my parents might not see me walk across the stage when I graduate in two years. It reminds me that my parents might be able to see me on my wedding day or see what their grandchildren will look like one day. It sounds depressing but this is slowly becoming my reality.

So what do you do when what has been known as the status quo is about to suddenly change? How do you adjust yourself and make yourself comfortable with your new reality?

It is not easy and I can tell you honestly that I am still in the process of understanding. However, what I can say is that this is something that you have to actively think about in order to come to terms with. If you are not actively thinking about the topic, then when the event occurs, you will be thrown completely off guard. Thus, just like with most things in life, you have to plan.

You have to plan how to be okay with this major change. For me personally, a huge part of my understanding stems from making sure that up until my parents can see, they get to see as much of life that they possibly can. Taking them to places that they have always wanted to visit and having them experience things that they always wanted to experience was really important. Besides that, just trying to live as happy as we can in these next, critical few years is my only goal and wish.

Apart from that, I think the one thing that I have learned from having to deal with my parents evitable fate is that sometimes things happen in life that you have absolutely no control over. And it sucks. But what everyone can do every day is not take life and the things that you have for granted. Live life to the fullest and be grateful every step along the way. You never know when those things will be taken from you. So just live, be happy and whatever else happens, leave that up to fate or God or whatever you believe in. Its all you can really do.

I do want to add that if coping with these types of difficult situations is more difficult to you than it has proven to be for me, then I definitely suggest talking to someone about what you are feeling. 😊