An Open Letter To My Parents

An Open Letter To My Parents

The college kid who is grateful for the things you have done and will do

Mom and dad let me start out by saying thank you. Thank you for giving me life and raising me. I actually turned out to be a pretty good kid. May have been a pain in the but time to time but look at me now. I am all grown and in college.

It wasn't easy making it this far on my own and I have you two to thank for helping me get this far. By giving me an education starting from Kindergarten up to High School. Pushing me to my limits and telling me to buckle down on my school work.

There are times I didn't and regret it and wish I had listed to you. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into making me a better person. All the extracurricular actives you made me do as a child helped me form the person I am today.

Y'all have seen me at my worst and have seen me at my best. Helped me through situations I needed y'all the most in. Looked after me even during the times we had arguments and I stormed off to my room. Then you came in my a few moments later to tell me you love me. We had struggles to overcome while I grew up. From the friend, boyfriend, and family drama. You always gave me advice that left me questioning after we talked but I soon figured out what you meant.

Thank you for all the advice over the years. Some I am still trying to figure out and some I have taken to heart and still use today. From listening to your heart and being able to lay my head down at night knowing I made the right decision. Thanks to that I have made choices I won't regret. There have been times I didn't do that and I didn't feel right when I woke up because I didn't listen to my heart.

Thank you for everything you have done to make me the person I am today. Thank you for pushing me in school and telling me why I need a good education. I'm in college today because you pushed me hard through high school.

Y'all guided me through my first semester of college and helped me out with classes.Found the best way for me to go to be on time and made sure I was doing good. Y'all let me rant about the teachers I didn't like and praise the ones that have taught me well.

Thank you for all the fun trips and vacations we have been on and will go on in the future. The memories and unforgettable times. Y'all are a blessing and I will love y'all until the end of time.


The college kid who is grateful.

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23 Things You Call Your Mom For In College

They have the answers to everything, literally.

Mothers. You love them, you hate them (not really), you end up growing up to be just like them. But, when in college, your relationship with them grows to another level. You need them in a totally different way, you are no longer dependent on them, but you still have things that only they can answer.

1. What is my social security number again?

2. How do I fill the insurance form out at the doctor? Have I ever had the chicken pox?

3. How do I cook that dish again? I need every single step, please

4. Say, for instance, I washed a red with my whites, how do I get that out?

5. Remind me again why I am in college?

6. Can you transfer me some money?

7. Last time I promise, but can you transfer me money just one more time?

8. Can I have this dress? It is really cute on, pinky swear.

9. Can you please call the doctor to schedule my appointment?

10. What aisle is *insert food item* on in the grocery store?

11. So I am coughing and sneezing and I am in the medicine aisle at CVS, what should I buy??

12. I know I am like 20 something, but can you help me with the laundry again?

13. Hey, mom, I'm walking to class alone and don't want to look like a loner so hey, how's your day?

14. So I got a stain on my favorite shirt for the 14th time, how do I get that out?

15. Is it bad if I eat mac 'n' cheese for every meal?

16. OK, so *insert food product* expired a week ago, can I still eat it?

17. Oh my gosh, did you see *insert person* is engaged/having a baby??

18. What is the amazon login again?

19. Can you send me a pic of the dog, please?

20. Is it really that bad if I drop out of college?

21. Hey, what should I eat for dinner?

22. I'm having a nervous breakdown, hope you have a few hours to talk. No? Well too bad *talks for 4 hours about stupid professors and hating college*

23. Hey, mom, have I told you lately that you're the best and I love ya?

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10 Reasons College Girls Always Call Their Moms 7 Days A Week

After all, she is your best friend, too.


College is the probably the busiest you've been in your life between, school, work, and social life (and athletics if you play in college) but you can never forget to call you mom.

Your mom won't call you unless it has been "forever" since she has heard from you because she doesn't want to be a pain. And NEVER MAKE HER FEEL LIKE A PAIN.

As much as you don't want to be that person who has to talk to their mom or who's mom is all up in their business, BE THAT PERSON because...

1. She misses you.

Whether you are an only child, or have five siblings your mom misses you. She has one less mouth to feed, one less laugh to hear and a part of her entire world is not there. Hearing your voice is going to give her a little peace of mind.

2. She wants to know you’re alive.

If you don't hear from your best friend for a week, what's your first though? They're dead. Imagine what your mom thinks knowing you are hours away from home, making all decisions for yourself. And let's be honest our mom's know what happens in college. She just wants to know you're alive.

3. She can give you advice.

Having a bad day? Who do you call? Your best friend? Try calling your mom. She is much more experienced and chances are can give you straight forward advice that will actually help. Not to mention she is not going to judge you.

4. She will make you laugh.

Moms know us the best and know when we are upset even if we don't openly tell them. They know and they want nothing more than to make us happier even if it is in the slightest way possible. She knows exactly what to say to put a smile on your face and make you laugh even when you really don't want to.

5. She will tell you how it is.

She sure as hell isn't going to lie to you. Did you mess up? She'll tell you in the most lovable way but will also be able to get your head out of your butt and motivate you to do what you need to get done. Even if she is telling you how it is at least you know she loves you no matter what.

6. She was your first friend. 

Remember, when you were fighting with your friends and felt like you had no one else? Your mom was there. She made you laugh and smile and forget the struggles. She was the one who supported you always, even when you said something hurtful. She was your first friend and your first forever friend.

7. She is your number 1 fan

No matter what she will be your fan. She wants to hear about what is going on in your life, your successes and "failures". She will always support you, and brag about the progress you're making. She goes from being your biggest fan at birthday parties, plays, sporting events, concerts or competitions to cheering you from home while you're away. If anyone wants to see you win most, it is your mom.

8. She helped raise you and get you to where you are today.

First off, you would not be alive if it wasn't for your mom. Let alone you wouldn't know a lot of the fundamental skills in life, between right and wrong, left and right, cleaning skills (laundry). Your mom supported you through school, forced you to do all the crappy chores you complained about, or the homework you did not want to do but they shaped you into the person you are today. And that you should be happy about.

9. You don’t get to go home and see her as often and she wants/needs.

If you are like me and go to school 7 hours away from home, you do not get to see her often. You can be an entirely different person between visits and all she wants is to see your face, smile, and eyes. Even if you go to school close to home, it is hard to go from seeing someone everyday to once a week or month or even year. Give her some credit for not making you FaceTime her everyday.

10. She is your mom. And she loves you. 

I mean that should be enough as it is. She is your mom. She loves you. If you do nothing else for her just give her a quick call every now and again and let her know that you're doing well.

If you are anything like me, your mom is your best friend. I cannot even imagine going more than one day without talking to her. I literally call my mom just to tell her that I saw a dog or had really dank chicken nuggets for lunch. My mom is willing to do anything for me, and even listen to me when I call her about the most pointless things.

I have called my mom twice in the last two days about making appointments for when I am home, knowing full well that she is super busy and both times she takes the time out of her day to answer all my questions and help me.

Mom's are some of the most amazing people in the world. They are always willing to sacrifice to help us, even if that means sacrificing or doing something more difficult for them. She works incredibly hard to make you the best person you can be. Furthermore, no matter whether or not you have the same beliefs as your mom she will always love you and always do everything she can to help you. The least we can do is them a call and put a smile on their face every once and a while.

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