Fiction On Odyssey: The Backstory Of Ramona Williams

Fiction On Odyssey: The Backstory Of Ramona Williams

The backstory of my original character.

Varnell Harris

So a while ago I created an OC (original character). Her name is Ramona Williams. I've decided to give her a little backstory and share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

At that very moment as he sped off, I remembered he had a thumb drive. It only made sense. There's no other way. That's the drive that had the surveillance footage of that night that was the key in finding out who killed Jason. Somehow, Luther planned ahead and wiped the footage clean out of the system.

The question is, how did he have access to getting into the alley's cams video storage?

"Find the drive, find Luther," kept repeating over and over inside my head. I knew that this was all my fault. I had to make right. Not only for closure, but for Jason. His blood is on my hands. Ever since that night, I've been a mess.

I could never go back to our apartment. I knew it wouldn't end well for me. Leaving the drug game doesn't necessarily mean your slate is clean. I wish that was the case. I just want to be able to take a fresh breath of relaxing air, literally. Due to the drugs damaging my lungs, I had to resort to wearing a special gas mask that Jason made for me. If I take it off for more than five minutes, it's lights out for me. Thinking about it, everything I have right now is thanks to him. The memory is still fresh as if it happened yesterday.

To be fair, it did happen last week.

During a drug deal, the buyer tried to stiff me out of the pay. Nothing new about this. Multiple times buyers tried to either swindle me or intimidate me out of paying or to lower the price because they thought they could get one over one me. The keyword is "thought." Instead of trying to stab, shoot, or fight me, one of the buyer's thugs shot a syringe filled with this weird drug into my neck. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground wriggling for air, and everything was going dark. I felt that it was the end for me. My life didn't flash before my eyes, I didn't see a bright light, I was just fading away, slowly dying, alone and scared, then everything went dark.

I woke up in an apartment. It was small and quaint but had a homey feel. It had a modern greyscale look to it. The next thing I noticed was the most stunning and breathtaking man I have ever seen before. Then again, I've mainly only seen drug dealers and users, so that's saying something. His dark purple eyes shone in my direction, and it almost seemed they were glittering in the light. His pitch-black shaggy hair was basically asking me to run my fingers through it. His fairly dark skin captivated me, which is very understandable because his skin was blemish-free compared to what I'm used to seeing. In a deep seductive voice, he said his name was Jason.

After telling him my life story and my situation, surprisingly, it didn't phase him at all. From then on out, I lived and stayed with Jason until I fully recovered. My old clothes were all tattered and torn from dying on the ground, so he bought me an outfit that actually suited my aesthetic and lifestyle, plus it goes well with the mask. A plain black jacket and a wireframe tank top along with a beanie with horns from the Bubbalove007 clothing line, which isn't cheap, and a pair of black skinny jeans. To be greeted with this kind of kindness and commitment from not only a stranger but a drug dealer was amazing to me. To go even further and fall in love with one leaves me speechless, and for me, someone with a shitty past, a shitty life, to have happiness for the first time and to have it taken away...something has to be done. This is why I have to avenge his death. I have to do it for him.

After talking to some of the nearby store owners, I found out the cameras are controlled by the city, not a specific business. This raised the question of how in the hell Luther had that type of access. He probably has a man or two on the inside. I can let that thought weaken me. I have to keep pushing forward. Without the video showing the license plate on the car, I don't have any other leads to fall back on.

After the incident, it's almost like Luther vanished off the face of the Earth. His hideouts empty, his clubs shut down, even his mother's house is on the auction block. Where ever he is, he planned to move far away. Not because he wanted to, not because he killed Jason, because he pissed me off, and he knows I'm not a pushover. I get what I want when I want. He knows I want him dead.

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