5 Thoughts I Had During College Move In

Moving into your college dorm room for the first time is exciting yet bittersweet. I moved into my dorm last week, and after almost a full week of living in my dorm, I have finally begun to adjust to my new home. Although, my sleep schedule hasn't been the same since.

1. "Wow, where I'm going to put all of this?" 

When you're packing up the car with everything you're bringing with you, it can seem like a lot. I couldn't believe how little I actually had when I got it unpacked in my dorm.

2. "Please don't rain."

As the rain clouds loomed over all of my stuff sitting on the sidewalk, all I could think about was how I wished it wouldn't rain.

3. "I can't believe I forgot to pack that."

After all that stress of making sure I packed everything I needed, I still managed to forget so much. Seriously, I didn't think to pack pencils.

4. "Not another set of stairs."

I live on the third floor of dorm and the stairs aren't bad until you're carrying handfuls of stuff up and down multiple times.

5. "Finally, we're done."

Honestly after a long day of unpacking, nothing feels better than the feeling of unpacking your last box.

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