My Mother's Suspicions On Birds

My Mother's Suspicions Are Centered Around Birds

She utilizes birds to see if the day will bring good events or bad.

I'm under the impression that all mothers are inherently psychic. Not the rag-tag gypsy with bejeweled fingers crawling over a deck of tarot cards type of psychic. But the average middle-class mother, who lovingly tends to her family. I firmly believe in this phenomenon because every little thing my mother has predicted became true. And like every psychic, she has her talismans. The most significant are the birds.

One afternoon, my mother was backing out of the garage, en-route to complete the day's respective errands. She pointed at the sky and I looked up. A majestic white egret was sitting on our roof, stretching his wide wingspan. My mother smiled. Later that day, my sister received an acceptance letter from Fordham University.

A few months later, the same event happened. However, a flock of black crows was sitting on our roof this time. They kept cawing at each other, like grown men in a vicious argument. My mother grimaced. When we came back to the house, we received a phone call and I picked up. It was a hospital nurse, informing me that my father has been in a motorcycle accident. 3 broken ribs and a shattered collarbone.

Birds never seemed to leave our household, and my mother's apparent telekinesis increased. When my sister left for college, my father decided to adopt a beautiful blue parakeet from the local flea market. My mother named him after a celebrated warrior from ancient China, but we called him "Birdy".

One summer morning, I was getting ready to go to work, when my mother approached me. "Be careful on the road. Something's in the air." Her eyes turned black and her mouth tightened. She turned around and went back to watching her Taiwanese soap operas. When I came back from work, I found my mother on the patio, next to the birdcage. "I can't find Birdy anywhere!" she yelled into the phone. I glanced at the empty birdcage and look around. I bent down and opened the pool filter, and found my beautiful blue bird floating in the dirty water, lifeless. "I knew something was going to happen." My mother said under her breath, lighting a small candle to place inside the birdcage.

Birds are different than cats and dogs. You can't cuddle with a bird, or take him on walks. But birds are talented, as they have the tendency to talk, to dance, to sing and of course, to fly. Its probably why my mother's premonitions are based on birds, as the movement of flying is physically impossible for natural humans to achieve.

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