'My Love' - A Poem Inspired by Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

I'm coming home to you, my love.

They said it wasn't true-

That a love like this,

So pleasant and divine,

could last this time through.

You knew your value, my love.

This I always knew.

You never allowed anyone to take advantage,

You made your presence known in a room,

The only thing to me I hold so true.

We never spoke the words aloud, my love.

At first, maybe we didn't know how-

"The right partner," you said,

"My best girl," I responded,

And a dance that would seal that vow.

It's been a long, long time since I saw you, my love.

If we are excluding dreams,

I loved you for three years,

Then another hundred,

And forever more on my own, or so it seemed.

But time wasn't on our side, my love,

Though our bond was strong.

Decades passed in my cold slumber,

You lived a full life through it all,

but maybe the clock was ours all along.

Oh, how lucky am I, my love.

To be the fellow to call you mine.

My agent in red,

Your captain in blue,

Our journey seemed to turn out just fine.

And when we meet, my love,

Time and time again, in life and the ever after,

Sing me that song,

kiss me once again,

It was always you that brought me back, here, in every way of any matter.

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