My Hope For My Music

I am striving and working towards something I am openly a chicken about. In my little ways, I want to get my music out there. I cannot just easily get up in front of people, and am never truly sure if my music is considerably something people would listen to. When I think like that, I forget that my opinion is the one that matters, and that I should write for myself. I should I always write for myself. Just like writing a book or anything else creatively, you should regard the fact that there will be an audience, but at the end of the day, what matters is how you feel about your work.

You should feel something towards it. Whether you hate it and want to fix it, love it and want to share it, or feel sad because it sparked some emotions. What matters, is that it encompasses you and who you are. It represents how you feel and what story you want to portray. Your hope in writing is that it somehow touches somebody else, the way that it touched you.

With writing music, you can tell a real story or a fake story, but it has to mean something to you! All artists aspire to have something relatable, but the end goal is for yourself (not to please others)

My small steps include creating an Instagram, slowly build up a YouTube (with hopefully not so embarrassing videos), and practicing in front of my family and friends (whose opinions conquer all).

I want to get my music recorded (but nerves hold me back). Right now I rely on myself, but hopefully one day, sooner than never, I will get it out there and make somebody have a connection with my writing through my lyrics and the meaning behind them.

Quick thank you to everyone who supports me and listens to music! XOXO

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