Way back in Fall 2014, I took a class called Media Writing. One of our assignments was to write our own obituaries. Not only would we get experience in writing them, we could also use them to keep our future goals on track.

Dr. Kimberly Steele lost her lifelong battle with Crohn's Disease at 4:18 am this morning.

Kimberly was most known for her journal clips, collections of literary works as well as her magazine Vanillerotica.

Kimberly was born February 1, 1981, in Cleveland, Ohio. She expressed a deep love for writing at a young age. She began penning poetry at the tender age of ten.

After receiving her Creative Writing high school Diploma from Cleveland School of the Arts in 1999, she went on to earn her Bachelor's in English; Master's in Creative Writing; and Doctorate in English from Cleveland State University.

Kimberly's first poetry anthology, Love just feels like an invitation for more pain was published by Cleveland State University's Poetry Press in 2020.

Her next anthology, The Random Thoughts - Clinically Depressed musings of a poet, was published by Kent State University's Poetry Press in 2022.

Her third poetry anthology, which won a Bisexual Lambda Award, 3; A poetic account of thrice alter egos, was published by Bottom Dog Press in 2024.

Her short fiction anthology - which also won a Bisexual Lambda Award - The Stories I Want To Tell; an erotic short fiction collection project, was published by Cleis Press in 2021.

Kimberly's magazine, Vanillerotica, started online in 2007 and only published works six times a year. She published poetry, short stories, interviews, and resources for new writers.

Her goal was to showcase new voices in Erotic Literature, and as soon as the magazine was incorporated in 2019, she added a print version where she showcased erotic photography and comic books - which skyrocketed her to the limelight of the Erotic Literary Community.

Kimberly is survived by her two primary life partners; her husband, her wife, and her two children. A celebration of her life and the hobbies she was well known for advertising will be held at 2 pm at Cleveland Church of Christ, 1035 E.105th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44108.

I didn't think to add my long LGBTPQA+ community activities in my obituary - but I can always add it in. This is just a working model for now.

I know this seems morbid, but I carry my fake obituary with me everywhere to keep my future goals close to me.

Not only are my career goals in this, but my educational, relationships, family, and personal goals are in there.

I don't think I've ever seen an obituary that included such important pieces of someone's life after they've passed.

Have you seen such an involved obituary? What would you want your Obituary to say?