When I moved to Corvallis I didn't drink coffee often, stayed up late all the time, never took naps, and complained that I never did anything on the weekends. The tales I had heard of partying or sleeping in the library.

Coffee is something I didn't know I needed until I worked 8-1am one night and woke up the next morning for a nine am class. It is a life line for many college students

I had heard of all nighters when my brother were in college but never thought they existed. In high school I loved to stay up late and just hang out. Now I only stay up late if I either don't have class the next day or I don't start until noon or later.

Naps. Those wonderful times spent asleep in the middle of the day. Naps before work, naps between classes, naps just for fun. I never napped in high school, thinking that naps were for the weak. Now if I don't take at least four naps a week I'm exhausted.

Not doing anything on the weekends is actually an amazing thing. No homework? Hell yes you get to lounge around your room and watch Netflix all day. Occasional adventures are fun but nothing is better than realizing you have nothing do at 11:59 that night.

The parties I have been to were uneventful and gross. There is always a thin layer of beer covering the floor, making you stick when you walk.