My Fears As A Future Teacher Inspire Me

Daily, so many students will walk into my future classroom and they will be fighting battles I will not even begin to understand. These battles could be within oneself or in the world around them, but no matter what it is so much larger than their little minds.

Their little minds deserve to be focusing on expanding their knowledge, focusing on their own curiosity, but instead, so many of them will worry about where they will sleep that night. Or focusing on the emptiness in their stomach, or fearing going home to face their guardian, if they are even given attention. I think that is the most serious situation a child could face.

To me, the idea that a child is given abusive attention or no attention at all breaks my heart. Children come into this world so dependent on the love, care and support of adults, yet so many aren't given these. This lack of essential positive attention can lead to so many other struggles a child may face like mental illness and suicidal thoughts.

None of this is fair to a child. It is unfair that a child may have the weight of the world on their shoulders. It is unfair that a child may fear the people they go home to. It is unfair a child may come into school hungry. It is unfair a child may not have a jacket for those winter recess days. And it is certainly unfair these will take precedence over their learning.

I am scared I will be unable to help these children.

But I am excited to know them.

I cannot wait to one day step into a classroom every morning and learn about each individual student. Whatever their background may be, I will be there for them. The one hundred and eighty days in my classroom and beyond, I will be there as a constant.

My goal as a future teacher is to teach my students to love learning, but also teach them to love themselves and all that has made them who they are, despite whatever comes their way.

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