Whether you are visiting Florida for the first or fifth time, there are places you shouldn't miss while on your vacation.

In this article, I'm going to list a few of my favorite cities and destinations in Flordia – places I highly recommend that you check out the next time you're in the sunshine state.


One of the top destinations for a new Florida tourist is Orlando, with its endless day and night shows, theme parks, beaches, and attractions. The tours you can attend include helicopter, balloon and air tours, water tours, walking tours and more. If you're coming for extra fun, it's easy to pick up a rental at the airport so you can tour the most famous theme parks - Universal, Aquatica, Walt Disney World, Seaworld and so many more with ease.


Being in this famous city, you can't miss out on going the all-known South Beach. It's not only to bathe or get a tan, but also to have a shopping spree or eat out somewhere nice and fancy. Walk under the beautiful palm trees before visiting a zoo or an aquarium. If you want to see the urban city – explore Brickell, Miami's financial center.

Ponce Inlet

In case you want to try something quieter and more reserved after lively cities like Orlando and Miami, the town of Ponce Inlet might be just your speed. Several museum and centers will be a good way to educate yourself about the town story, and you should definitely see the popular lighthouse there. There are several tours, a lot of nature and chill time waiting for you in this beautiful town.


Even though we should probably focus on Tampa's beautiful beaches, Tampa offers more than sun and sand (though it's only a half-hour by car to some of the best beaches near the city center). Tampa city claims to be suited for everyone, and everyone can agree with that statement after visiting it. So, if you like football, sunbathing, having an expensive drink, shopping, dining in peace, relaxing in the park or basically anything else – take a look at this city and include it in your plan.


Going through this city's history is something you should definitely try while visiting Florida, especially if you're doing it only once in your life because it changed throughout the years a lot. Pensacola is, of course, famous for an active life with restaurants, cafes and shopping centers, as well as lots of museums for your education. The beaches are must-see! They might be extremely busy from time to time, yet, try to find a place on the bright sand.


Are you looking for an affordable place to visit by yourself or with your family? Choose Naples and you won't regret it. A more reserved city with amazing waters and beaches will excite you about its nature and attractions, yet, won't leave shoppers and party people bored either. There are a zoo, several adults and children museums, parks and more.