My Dog: One Of My Best Friends
"The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog."--M.K. Clinton

I have lived with dogs my whole life. Every single year I've lived on this earth has been accompanied by the companionship of a dog--three to be exact. First there were Hunter and Sammy: two Cocker Spaniels that were with me from the moment I emerged into the world until my early teens. My mom and I were devastated when they both passed. They were both some of my closest friends. With this devastation, we decided to adopt a dog named Blake (another Cocker Spaniel), and at the age of thirteen I met my next best friend. This is for him.

Blake is one of my best friends for many reasons. When I wake up in the morning, he is laying right next to me, normally on his back with his legs straight up in the air. I roll over to pet him and he perks up and jumps off the bed with this incredible smiling face, looking up at me like he couldn't wait for me to be awake again. He is my best friend because he loves being with me and gets so excited by my presence.

Blake is the kind of friend I can mess around with. He makes me laugh everyday. I will tell him "I'm gonna get you," and he will give a little playful growl before running off in a different direction. Almost every time he lies down, he will make a growling noise and it makes me laugh every single time. He is one of the funniest dogs I've met.

Blake knows when I am sad. He will come and sniff my face and curl up next to me. The feel of his fur and slight breathing immediately calms me. I think he knows this. I think he knows that he's helping me. He's my best friend because he goes out of his way to make me feel better.

Lastly, Blake's love is unconditional. He does not judge when I make a mistake, he does not care if I'm bare faced with pajamas on. He does not laugh at me if I make a mistake when singing in front of him (he likes to listen to me sing). In essence, I am his equal. He does not look down at me. Instead he looks to me for companionship and love. And I think that is what's so pure about being friends with your dog. They just want to be part of your pack. They think you are amazing, and they show it whenever you walk through the door. They listen to every feeling you have, and if you don't want to talk, they will sit with you until you feel better.

I love my boy Blake. He is easily one of my best friends and makes me happy about living on this earth every day. Here's to Blake: the black and white, silly, affectionate, little boy. He is my sun. (And if he could read this, I would send it to him in a second, to let him know how appreciated he is. But instead I will stick with giving him multiple hugs, playing with him, and giving him those extra bits of food I don't finish).

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