My Dad Is Dead, But Will Never Be Forgotten

My Dad Is Dead, But Will Never Be Forgotten

You can't forget someone who loves you more than themselves.

My Dad was an awesome guy. He was always there for me. He made my expectations for men high. He was a king in disguise as my Dad. I am so grateful for the years I got with him and a cherish even the littlest moments with him.

He showed me a love of simplicity and nature. He was so serene in the corner of the lake with a fishing pole and a cold beer. He showed me how to make my own happiness in my own world. I do not need a lot of things or people to be happy.

My Dad always wanted the best for me. He always told me how beautiful I was and he always reminded me he loved me. He would do anything to make me smile. He doesn't understand how proud I am to be his daughter.

It's been 9 years since he died. A lot of people don't talk about him anymore. I was told when he died that I would eventually forget him and move on with my life. How could I forget a man that made me his whole world? I couldn't.

I relieve the memories and photos I share with my Dad daily. Not a day goes by where I don't think about him. I still talk about him. I tell his stories to people that have entered my life that didn't get the chance to meet him. I won't let his memory die with him.

He never got to see my tattoo for him. Sometimes I forget I got his military tattoo recreated on my shoulder blade. I felt every stroke of ink he did when he was my age. I didn't tear up because it hurt, I teared up because I missed him.

He will always be with me. His legacy is in me. I live every day in memory of him. He wouldn't want me to sit around still crying over him 9 years later, but he wouldn't want me to forget him.

Every day I have is for him. I am pursuing my dream job because that is what he would want. He would do anything to see me smile, but it's my turn.

I am doing everything in my power to make you smile, Dad. I just want to make you happy, even if I can't see you anymore. You're never forgotten, and you'll never be erased. You are my favorite.

Cover Image Credit: Jennifer Wunder

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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