I don't know what growing up was like for you, but for me, I constantly had like this annoying person I wanted to hit 24/7. I think I actually gave him a bloody nose when I was like 7. I'm just kidding, I love my big brother, even though he can be the biggest pain - but so can I.

My brother and I are three years apart but sometimes I tend to feel like the older one. Trevor unfortunately had to grow up a lot quicker than he wanted to, just like I did. He was forced to become the man of the house while trying to be a father figure for me. Honestly, he has done an amazing job. Even though he doesn't always want to hear what I have to say, I will force him to listen. Trev and I tend to have the same interests possibly because were siblings or because what he does I tend to try out and just do it better!

He is the one who started doing rodeo first before me, I would just constantly follow what he did and watch and learn. Little does he know besides my mom he is probably the whole reason why I got into rodeo in the first place. I just tended to fall in love with it more.

Trevor is this big guy who is super strong, honestly, whenever he walks into a restaurant to hand me my keys, for example, I see him from the bar he doesn't even know but he is total BEAST MODE! He is a super bad*ss, too, which he has to be if he is my brother, because if not, then I would have to make him one. Although he can be scary, I wouldn't mess with him (P.S. because I will be behind him and if anyone hurts my brother things are gonna go down... eh em).

Anyways but he is probably the sweetest guy you will ever meet, he has this big strong man look to him but is such a hopeless romantic. He is so old school which is rare to find these days, ladies. He thrives on holding the door open for a woman and genuinely cares about them. The only thing that sucks (but like most good people) is that he tends to get taken advantage of.

He has had many jobs but that's just because he has a lot of dreams and ideas. There is nothing wrong with that - he should just carry something on him for every new idea of what type of business he can start. I don't know what my mom and I would have done without him. We need him in our lives.

To all the girls who don't think having a brother is important or a big deal, trust me, you are blessed. I know I am. I know my brother will always be there when I need him, and that he will catch me if I ever fall. He will scare all the boys that I don't want away or the ones that I do want and when they want me, he will just scare them.

When I bring a guy home, they don't have to meet the father, they need to meet the brother. I know he will always love and take care of me and also my mom. I will do the same for him. Even though brothers can be super annoying, we wouldn't be where we are today without them - or at least I wouldn't.