10 Things That Happened When My Best Friend Moved In
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10 Things That Happened When My Best Friend Moved In

Chelsie Rae Hennen, I love you.

Photo by Savanna Clardy

About a week ago, my mom left for an extended trip to Iowa. My dad works the night shift, and I did NOT want to be home alone at night. So naturally, I had my best friend move in with me. Here's how it went.

1. We adopted a (secret) cat.

On the very first day she was here, we met up with a random guy from Facebook and adopted his ex girlfriend's cat. The only thing was, I'm not allowed to have cats in my family's house. So for a week straight, we kept the little guy hidden in my room so when my dad woke up for his shift, he had no idea the cat even existed. The whole event was so sketchy that we named the cat Sketch.

2. We started a marthon of all the old Barbie movies.

We found a website to watch Barbie movies on like the third day she was here, and ever since we have watched one every night. It's a blessing from Heaven.

3. We made my boyfriend cook for us.

Since we don't really know how to cook and now we're kind of on our own, we wanted my boyfriend to come show us how to cook. Then we decided to get dressed up in pretty dresses and dance around. We didn't learn how to cook. Josh just cooked for us. Sorry, J.

4. We had an online formal with our sorority.

The reason we got dressed up in pretty dresses was because Phi Lamb was holding an online formal. It was really just a bunch of us gals talking, and most of us didn't dress up. It was still a cool thing to link up with our sisters, even from miles apart. We also got to dance to old Barbie tunes like we were in The 12 Dancing Princesses. (We've really been on a nostalgia kick, sorry not sorry.)

5. I almost burned the house down.

That same day, I wanted the house to smell nice for our pretend dance. So, I decided ti put a cast iron skillet full of scented wax on the gas stove. Then I took my cat out for a walk (you know, the usual) and suddenly the fire alarm is going off. As i'm approaching the door, Chelsie opens it and asks very calmly, "Whatcha cookin'?". Meanwhile, there's an entire kitchen fire going on in the background. Luckily, only my finger got burnt badly.

6. We've stayed up until almost 2 am 3 nights consecutively.

Sometimes we just sit and talk in the dark, but usually we just scroll through Tik Tok and then realize its time to go to bed.

7. We've done Bible study online.

We share a family group at the BSU on campus, and we've been doing Zoom Bible studies. While it's not quite the same, it's still so sweet to see everyone. It was also funny when everyone was wondering what the heck we were doing together in this quarantine.

8. She brought me Easter goodies.

I spent most of my Easter Sunday alone because she was at her parents' house, but when she got back she loaded me down with some candy. It was very sweet.

9. I stole her from her family.

Her family was not very happy about her leaving again. I mean lets be real, they weren't happy about her leaving the first time for college, but hey. She's mine now. I'm not returning her.

10. We really are straight chillin'.

It's really nice to have someone that's okay with just sitting in silence. A lot of the time, she goes somewhere else in the house to do school work while I'm still in bed. It's crazy how we don't have to be right next to each other to enjoy the other's presence. I appreciate that a lot.

I'm so grateful for my sweet quarantine buddy. I'm blessed beyond belief to have her in my life, and words cannot describe how much I love her. Also, I'm never letting her move out.

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