17 Shows That Should Be On Your August TV Binge List

17 Shows That Should Be On Your August TV Binge List

Tears, late-nights, and sore eyes, oh-my!

I have had a list of shows to watch all summer. I successfully checked most of them off my list, but I've been dragging my feet with the other ones. So I have decided that I am going to try my best to watch as many of these shows in my free time as possible. It's not going to be easy. There will be tears, late nights, and eyes that are tired and screaming for relief... But in the age of television there are literally so many good shows out right now and it is imperative that I do my part. You can do your part too and watch along with me.

My August Binge List (in no particular order):

1. This Is Us.

Really I just need to finish the season because I've started it... And it is so good.

If you're watching along I recommend: Tissues and a box of chocolate

2. Outlander

This show is incredible. It is a period show complete with accents, time travel, and Jamie Fraser. If you don't know who he is google him. You will be very happy you did.

Recommended: TISSUES, another person to cry with.

3. Shameless

What can I say? This show is a classic. I only need to finish season 7 (newly on Netflix) but if you haven't seen any of it, watch it from the beginning. It's so good. Perfect mix of comedy and drama. Plus after watching this crazy family you will probably go and call each member of your family to thank them.

Recommended: A pillow and a blanket because you will probably be in the same position for a long while once you start... trust me you won't want to leave it's that good.

4. The Mindy Project

One of my absolute favorites, every time I go back to watching the show after taking a break I ask myself why. Mindy Kaling is one of my inspirations. I hope my sitcom is half as funny as hers is.

Recommended: A bear claw... or something sweet as much as Mindy talks about food you will get hungry

5. Atlanta

Another inspiration of mine, Donald Glover/Childish Gambino stars in, writes for, directs, produces this sitcom. I watched the first episode... thought it was great... went to bed... forgot when it came on. This is the story of my TV watching life. Don't be like me people... watch Atlanta.

Recommended: I don't know because I watched the pilot so long along. I guess watch Donald Glover on Community (another great show) and listen to his music.

6. Scandal

By far the best Shonda show (feel free to fight me on this... but I'm right). I need to watch the most recent season. There is no excuse. I'm sorry Shonda

Recommended: A glass of wine (if 21 or older) and a bowl of popcorn. If you have to ask why, you need to watch Scandal

7. House Of Cards

Sometimes I get lost in this show. Like actually lost... like I don't know what's going on. But Kevin Spacey is a master at what he does and Robin Wright is beautiful to watch. Plus I am often confused so no big deal.

Recommended: Maybe look up politics briefly. But maybe not because eww politics.

8. Queen Sugar

It's good. It's on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). It stars the hot guy from Girls Trip that gets with Jada Pinkett's character. His name is Kofi.

Recommended: Water... because you will be thirsty

9. Younger

It's kind of corny but Sutton Foster is beautiful and hilarious so I deal with it. Plus Hillary Duff... I haven't seen her since Lizzie McGuire and seeing her here makes me happy.

Recommended: Know who Sutton Foster is.

10. One Tree Hill

For shame! This show has been over for some years now and I used to watch it when it was on and yet I still haven't finished it. I know I know.

Recommended: Ice... there are several hot men on this show. Like basketball somewhat because the show is slightly centered around it. Also pen and paper to keep up with all the couples.

11. Documentary Now!

Four words. Bill Hader. Fred Armisen. That should be all you need.

Recommended: Warn people that the laughter they hear from your body is involuntary and even if you tried to contain it you wouldn't be able to. They will be confused. Ask them to sit and watch an episode with you. They will understand.

12. The Fosters

Look... ABC Family (Freeform... my bad) doesn't always crank out the best content. I'm completely aware of this. Every once in a while they have a show that is tolerable... while barely. The Fosters isn't great but I started watching it when it came on and every time I see a commercial for it I feel left out because I don't know what's happening. So I start watching again.

Recommended: Take a drink every time the characters make bad decisions... actually no... don't... that would be BAD.

13. The Affair

The episode structure alone is fascinating but so is the story. Every story has two sides right? Or maybe three. His. Hers. And the Truth.

Recommended: Detective eyes because you won't know who to believe or what it real

14. Big Little Lies

This was recommended by a friend, although after I saw the cast list I wanted to see it. I still need to find a way to watch it.

Recommended: I don't know. I haven't started.

15. UnReal

This show is so good. But I haven't finished season 1 yet because I can't take it when the main character on a show does things that I don't agree with. I get so emotionally attached to shows and their characters I can't take it so I take breaks. Well I have to get over it and see what happens. Also has this show been renewed for a 3rd season?

Recommended: A new "edge of your seat" because you'll wear it out by sitting on it for so long...

16. Parks and Recreation

I discovered this show and watched it religiously and then one day I stopped for no reason. I need to make a comeback. I will this August.

Recommended: Don't let season 1 fool you... this show is incredible and so funny.

17. Merlin

This is probably the worst one. I was so into Merlin one winter break that I basically almost finished the series. But I also read ahead which is dangerous and found out how the show ends. Well my little heart couldn't take it so I stopped. I'm almost at the finish line and right before I cross it. I stop running (in my case walking) and stand there staring at it. That's essentially that I'm doing with Merlin... but I need to grow up and accept the ending. It's about time.

Recommended: Interest in myths and legends otherwise you might be bored. Knowledge of King Arthur and Merlin otherwise you might be either lost or blindsided like I was about what happens to certain characters.

I will finish all or most of these shows and whatever I don't finish will carry on into the next month along with some new titles. I'll let you all know in September how successful I was when I introduce my September Binge List

Seek Peek at September: The Incredible Jessica James, Insecure, Downton Abbey, Wet Hot American Summer (Both Netflix series), and Raven's Home

Cover Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jgarin

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You were even each other's first real college friend.

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Cover Image Credit: Katie Ward

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