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My Abuelita Is Godsent, No Matter How Far She Is She Spreads Light Into My Life

No matter how far away she is, she still manages to be right by our side.

Martin Morales

My abuelita does not like being called that, so we all call her Mama Lupe.

She is the light of my life.

No matter how far away she is, she still manages to be right by our side.

Whenever I have a big exam coming up, I call her and ask her to pray for me. And when she tells me shes right on it, my body somehow relaxes and my brain is put at ease because I know someone out there beliefs in me.

Although I can't be by her side every hour of everyday because distance seperates us, when I do see her, it feels as if I never let go.

She loves flowers and she can tell you the name of every plant and what you should use it for. It is as if though she was one with nature. Every animal gets near her as if though she was snow white and I get that, because she truly is like a fairytale.

Our memories are endless. Whether it be sitting with her on the benches with a bag of confetti during parades and throwing confetti in peoples drinks or laughing hysterically up in the hills.

I hope that I grow up to be a quarter of the woman you are.

You are part of the reason I chose the path I am going towards.

I remember once when a man knocked on the door and I soon realized he couldn't hear me speak. Then, you came out in your walker and sat down outside with him talking and having the time of your life. I admired you so much since that night.

Your relationship with God is unlike any other I have ever witnessed. Whenever I am in church with you, I can sense it. I can sense your closeness to God. Whenever you pray, everyone in the room feels as if though a weight is lifted off of their shoulders.

We may be countries apart but you have placed a little part of yourself in each of your grandsons and granddaughters.

I took the piece that encompassed your love for language.

Yazmin took the piece of caring into nursing

Lupita took your humor and her jokes are the life of the party.

Martin shares your love for family and the desire to surpass it all.

Jimena takes goofy pictures just like you

Jennifer always asks others if they need help

Vicente's sarcasm is just like yours.

Adriana loves animals and cares for them just like you.

Anthony finds joy in the simplest things of life and never judges anyone like you.

Jesus has one of the biggest hearts out of all of us, your heart.

Ivan is as honest as you and enthusiastic about the little things

Rafael is as rebellious as you are when anyone tries to stop you.

David loves cartoons and his sweet tooth is like yours.

Wendy's smile lights up a room just like yours

Joshua's laugh just makes you want to laugh

Luis is carefree and trustworthy; he lives and lets live like you

Fanny took your love for God and your simplicity of life.

Basically, every time I look at one of my cousins, I see you. Every time I see an act of kindness I think of you. I love you so much, Mama Lupe. I cannot wait until I visit you again. Life is filled of unexpected blessings and you are one of my favorite blessings. May God bless you and thank you for raising amazing sons and daughters who I get to call aunts and uncles

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