In the last year I have become a culprit of binge watching shows. I never use to sit on my couch for countless hours binge-watching shows, but once I started I just could not stop. I have lost track of the many shows I've watched and the amounts of episodes I have watched. I finished shows that have 9 seasons with 20 episodes or more within a month may be even less sometimes. So I would like to give the world an insight on the shows that got me hooked.

Greys Anatomy

If you are into medical this is definitely the show to watch for you. I must warn you, prepare yourself for the excessive amounts of tears you will shed throughout. So please grab a box of kleenex, sit down and enjoy a show you'll come to love.

Chasing Life

This is another tear jerker and even though they did not quite finish this show. It still had a good ending. This show is about April who is diagnosed with cancer. Her struggle and journey is showed throughout the show.

One Tree Hill

Seriously if you have not yet watched this show, you are missing out!! One Tree Hill is about two brothers and their uptight and rude father. This show is surrounded by basketball, high school, family, friends, and drama.


This show is the talk of today. I know the whole world has become hooked on this show and honestly some of you reading this right now have probably watched it already. If you have not, please consider sitting down to watch it.

New Girl

This show will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Between Nick, Jess, and Schmidt they will have you cracking up. Sadly they are only 22-minute episodes but trust me there is a lot to watch. While watching this show I wish I had awesome roommates like this, life would not be boring at all.


If you get into politics and crime shows this is definitely the next show you should be watching. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing.

Jane The Virgin

The plots twists will keep you thinking and this show is literally about Jane who is a virgin but becomes pregnant by accident in a clinic. The narration within this show will make you second guess if you should be watching it. I can promise that you will not regret starting this show.

This is a complete list of all the shows I have watched and the list continues to grow. As much as I tell myself to stop binge watching, it is just impossible to do so. If I am not in class or doing homework you can find me watching countless TV shows. I regret nothing, so next time you are trying to find something on Netflix to watch keep these shows in mind!