Funny Islamic Tweets

20 Hilarious Tweets That Will Keep You Smiling And Following The Sunnah

LOL same.

Ever feel like your life is so unrelatable compared to all those around you. Well, look no further, because here is a list of hilarious tweets that will make sure that you'll leave with a broken wudhu. Remember, smile, it's sunnah!

2. When only one look is too much

3. When everyone gets the memo except you

4. Eid-ul-Adha can bring out the best in people...and goats

5.  When the clap back becomes a whiplash

6.  You mut be batient with these beoble.

7.  When your eeman high and you start seeing the world in a new light

8. Keeping it pg-halal

9. When the punishment for lying comes to fast

10. That time of the year

11. Do I need to say more?

12. Signs of an approaching eeman high

13. Taking chicken salah to a whole new level

14. You are what you eat

15. After 15 years being a hijabi

16. Not this time Shaytaan

17. Making wudhu does NOT make you a water bender

18. But it keeps calling me!

19. It's probably a sign from god

20. Don't give in to the urge

Discalimer: If any jokes have gone to far for you or are not appropriate please forgive me and let me know in the comment section.

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