There are so few things, at this stage in my life, that add substance to it. I go through life very casually; I go to school, I live life, and I deal with things how it is best for me. Things happen and I handle it, and seldom do things have any extra effect on who I am and know I am becoming.

Music is the biggest thing that benefits my well being.

It shapes who I am, what I feel, how I think, and it mimics and changes my views in the best possible way. It follows me through every transition and every outlook I have and will continue to have. When living in such a fast-paced and temporary environment, having a constant that brings me emotion and insight is helpful. Sometimes I forget to just take a break and let things affect me.

I may not have time to call home and connect with the people in my life or to watch a movie and let it take me over. But I can hear a song in 30 seconds and feel all the emotions just in passing. I can make connections and put all of myself into something that much faster, while still being productive.

I allow music to affect me in ways some may not be bold enough to do. I find a deeper meaning and explore every element. I try to understand the artist making the music because their music has such a power when I allow it to.

So many artists of our generation are using their voices to say things that matter and that we all feel and deal with individually. They write about things that matter and what everyday people deserve to hear. They offer an insight from the most beautiful medium. They invite their listeners into their worlds, all we have to do is be vulnerable and accepting. We have a way into their hearts and minds. We get to share their experiences and let their lives change ours.

We get to cry, laugh, struggle and grow all because they opened themselves up to us. They bring us music, but also experiences and lifestyles. I become more of who I am because of them and the stories they tell. Their songs can be pieces of them and albums are entire novels of emotions and narratives. These artists care about giving us lyrics that matter and things that genuinely sound good.

Music is more than just that now. It is a way for us to be authentic and enter into whatever world we choose. Musicians deserve so much credit for giving us a positive focus and an outlet for emotion and vulnerability.