1. Aural Skills

Just two simple words make anyone who has taken the class drop into the fetal position

2. Learning to read K Clefs

We might as well change the name of Middle C to "I go wherever the hell I want to go."

3. Learning foreign instruments

Every vocalist loathes the day he or she has to learn to play brass. "You mean a the note doesn't change just because I push a key? This is some kind of witchcraft!"

4. Theory

Never have I taken so much time to learn a million rules, just to then have someone tell me to break every single one.

5. Harmonic Intervals

Is it a Perfect Fourth or a Perfect Fifth? NO ONE KNOWS.

6. Lunch

Eating is something to be had only in dreams. We are determined to get into the dining hall on days when class gets out early.

7. "Music is the easiest major."

No one ever thinks music is a viable career choice, let alone an actual major. Unless you're going into education, you are not taken seriously.

8. Aural Skills

I can't hear if it is a Neapolitan chord. All I'm thinking about is ice cream.

9. Getting sick is not an option

Especially for singers, being sick means your instrument is broken. For those of us that are especially lucky, we don't get sick until the morning of our juries or a performance.

10. Juries

"I promise this was perfect in my lesson last week. Can't I just send you a video?"

11. Four hours of class is only one credit

Rehearsals, lessons, master classes. I say I'm only taking 15 credits, but my schedule shows 30.

12. "Don't you just pick up the instrument and play?"

People love to enjoy what we create, but no one seems to think it takes work.

13. Rehearsal

"Sorry, I can't do anything with you for the rest of my life. I have a rehearsal scheduled."

14. Aural Skills

I scraped by with a B? Perfect. I'll take it.

15. Math, math, and more math

Why didn't anyone tell me that I would have to do arithmetic and read Roman Numerals in order to be a musician?

16. Performing for peers

I'm not sure that my friends need to know how much I don't know this song.

17. 10,000 hours

The day you learned it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master any task was the day you gave up practicing.

18. Coffee

I need a bucket of coffee to get through any given day, but I can't afford it because no one will hire someone who only has 5 free hours a week.

19. Super Senior Year

Those who complete their degree in four years are like gods. How do they do it? The world will never know.

20. Living off of vending machine food

Because you don't get lunch, your meals generally come from the vending machines. You get unrealistically upset when your favorite vending machine stops supplying your daily Cheez-Its.

21. Never sleeping

By the time you get done with classes, finish with work, get home from your concert, and write that 8 page paper, it's time to wake up and do it all over again. It's normal - and even encouraged - to see people napping in the most uncomfortable places.

22. You are your biggest critic

While you applaud your friends anytime they are up on stage, your performances will never be good enough.