Multicultural Education is the Future

Multicultural Education is the Future

There is much work to be done and it is critical that we do it.

Education is a tool of empowerment, promotes mobility, and has consistently been monumental in advocating for the individuals conquest for identity. Under the current administration, it seems education has become less of a priority and more of an inconvenience to navigate for our officials. In a nation of immigrants, it is critical that we examine how our education system serves all populations and that we ask our teachers to make inclusivity a foundational aspect of schooling.

Dr. Sonia Nieto is the author of countless texts following the importance of responsible multiculturalism in the classroom and recently came to visit Fairfield University to give a talk on her ideas.

I was most touched by Dr. Sonia Nieto’s words on the nonsensical North American attitude that non-native English speakers are at a disadvantage but when native English speakers wish to learn an additional language it is perceived as a strength. Considering the current political moment, it is critical that teachers are aware of the implications of certain rhetoric and language use in the classroom.

Rather than viewing children who are emerging bilinguals with a deficit mindset, we must meet the students where they are and encourage their language development so that the home remains a haven for the native language and items in the school are labeled in both languages. I found it compelling to hear the different perspectives on the panel hosted at our University for Dr. Sonia Nieto’s talk. I was intrigued hearing about the changes that have been taking place from the first bilingual school in Miami for Cuban refugees and the school that Nieto worked in in NYC to the current situation.

There is much work to be done and it requires a larger national dialogue to be had about intersecting identities and disparities between different groups in access to quality education. While teachers can create classrooms which allow for students to have pride in their ethnic backgrounds and which inspire respect for all cultures, the troubles of lack of funding due to a major insufficiency of mixed income communities will still prevail.

If more people were to consider their home as the earth in totality rather than the walls they live within, maybe this situation would appear vastly different. If more people were able to shed notions of the rat race for status in this materialistic society, perhaps we would find more diverse communities rather than segregated counties and gentrification in neighborhoods pushing the primary inhabitants out. Perhaps it is the work of the individual to discover their role in these issues and take the necessary action that will grant us the greatest change.

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Trying to figure out what to do in life.


I never saw the crossroad

Where I could cross n' roam

Under an arch or dome. [1]

I just kept on the road

That was laid out,

Told to hold out

Till it pays out. [2]

Now I think its too late

Been walking too long,

Classes are all wrong

But masses too strong. [3]

So I follow with my head down

And chest up, succeeding cause

I'm too scared to fuck it up. [4]

But I have a need to lead,

Top-down and gears up

Leaving nothing to the dust.

But if I drop out, I'm a fuck up. [5]

Is it better to live and rust

Or drive till it busts

With trust you can find the way? [6]

[1] - Play on roam/Rome. Starts the poem by expressing the feeling of being trapped in my path in life. I felt like I never got the chance to figure out what I wanted to do.

[2] - I think a lot of it was I was following what people told me I should be doing.

[3] - I have a feeling that it is too late to change my course of life. I'm in a college for business, taking classes about business, and everyone around me wants to do business.

[4] - This is saying that even though I am not passionate about what I am doing I am still trying to succeed only because I'm scared of failing or quitting.

[5] - I want to leave and lead myself, do something where I'm not following but I don't know how to do that. This part starts a car reference, idk I've been watching Formula 1 on Netflix and its dope.

[6] - This is the question I've been asking myself, wondering if I should continue on with my path or follow my passion.

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