Mr. President, What Is It Going To Take

Mr. President,

I grew up in a very small, conservative town in Indiana. Almost everyone I know from said town has at least one gun in their household. It wasn't abnormal to me to hear about the weekend hunting escapades of my former classmates and how this person's dad just got another hunting rifle. The Sandy Hook massacre happened when I was in middle school (about age 13). I went home from school and turned on the tv to watch cartoons and the news popped up, I was so horrified that I was frozen in place. So many young, innocent lives were lost to senseless gun violence. The aftershocks in the school safety department were the following, keep the doors locked at all times and be stricter on restroom passes. After about two weeks is when everyone started ignoring these policies again.

It is sad to say that I grew up in the era of school shootings, I was born in 1999, just mere months after Columbine High School was attacked. It is not unheard of to check the news and see that another mass shooting has happened somewhere on United States soil. Assault weapons have no reason to be placed in the hands of ordinary citizens. Assault weapons were designed to be used for military purposes, and now they have been used in over half of the recent shootings and take a place in our homes.

Mental illness and video games are not to blame for these occurrences, you are just looking for a scapegoat so you don't have to take responsibility and money will keep pouring in from the NRA. Stronger background/mental health checks should be in place so that it is harder to get approved to have a gun license. These domestic terrorists are tearing apart families, Mr. President. I am scared that one day I or a loved one may not come home one day due to this violence. Spewing words of hate is not going to help anything in these situations, remember that people take every word you say literally and twist it to use to their advantage.

How many people have to die at the hands of assault weapons for you to finally open your eyes and see the true problem. You have blood on the money you take from the NRA and on your hands, sir. How many kids have to go to school and hope they make it back, how many people have to live in fear of going to a public mall and being gunned down. How many people, Mr. President?

Mr. President, I am not saying ban guns, I am saying you need to protect all of those that reside in this country.

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