Moving Ahead In Life
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Moving Ahead In Life

My Story of Overcoming Challenges in a New City

Moving Ahead In Life

It was a call I had not been expecting that changed my life. After spending the first three decades of my life in Orlando, Florida, I received a job offer from a construction and remodeling company in Miami. The pay was better than my gig then, but it was really the prospect of future opportunities that proved too enticing to refuse. Miami, after all, is a central hub for those with entrepreneurship and business as professional interests.

Working in a similar occupation, I knew I could adapt to the labor. However, the difficulty was having to leave behind my family, friends, and girlfriend. It was a challenge I accepted because I knew this would be a step in my self-actualization. Plus, I knew I would not be completely alone because my best friend already resided in Miami.

My move did not go as anticipated. After being scammed by a man masquerading as the landlord of a condo, I became well acquainted with my best friend’s couch. The feeling of being ripped off is not easy to shake off. The period of transition only compounded the weight of the setback. Still, life goes on, and I knew I had to keep moving ahead.

Learning and adapting to the work was a foreseen challenge, yet one still must go through it. I was hired as a project manager for the remodeling company, and that entailed a variety of responsibilities of management and supervision. I oversaw the planning and execution of numerous concurrent projects. Coordinating with our general contractors in Miami was a new experience. And just in case the mental work appears challenging, I sometimes get my hands dirty with the house rehabbing. The company prides itself on timely completion of projects, and so we work at a high pace.

As the days went by, the work became more manageable, and I saw each day as an opportunity to exercise my talents as a leader and organizer. I felt that I was developing both individually and professionally. At our Miami remodeling contractor company, we are like family. So, the social support of coworkers keeps the mood lighter as we otherwise work fervently to meet a deadline. It also helped that my friend and I had a thriller movie or series to watch at the end of most days.

In addition to my social circle, I found that eating healthier and adding an exercise regimen to my daily routine helped me flourish. The occasional manual labor is no replacement for the cardio one gets running around the Brickell Key. And the famed Whole Foods buffet provides seemingly innumerable options for the health conscious.

How can my experience be generalizable? Well, I’d say getting out of your comfort zone should be a welcome challenge if you’ve charted a reasonable path through the potential obstacles. I had unwavering confidence in my ability and a strong belief that hard work eventually pays off. My experience detailed above validated it. All in all, I am glad I made the transition and feel as though I am continuing to move ahead in my life.
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