5 Important Tips for Moving Out of State for College

5 Important Tips for Moving Out of State for College

Starting a new journey at college is hard enough but doing it in an entirely new state is a whole different ball game.


Most people typically stay in state for college making the transition a little bit easier. They can always come back home to see their family when they get homesick. They'll probably have a lot of high school friends attending the same school as them. But when you decide to go to a school out of state, your transition will be more difficult. You probably won't be near family or friends once you arrive. Here are some tips to help make the transition of moving out of state for college a bit easier.

Research Your New State

Before moving out of state, you need to do as much research as you can about where you're going. Not only should you learn all about your new school, but also about the city and state you're going to. Find out where the safe spots are, and where you should avoid at night. When you first get there, you might be along so it's important to stay safe.

Only Bring the Essentials

Moving is a great opportunity to go through all of your things and decide what you really need in your life. If you're moving from your parents' house to a small dorm room, you're going to have to leave a lot of things behind. Make sure you only bring the essentials along with some of your most loved possessions with you. Don't make the mistake of taking your entire home bedroom with you and hope all of your clothes and things will fit into a small dorm room. But make sure you bring things like pictures of friends and family to put up in your new room.

Pack Everything in an Organized Way

It's easy to try and pack everything as fast as possible to get it over with, but that's a mistake. Keep things organized and in labeled boxes to make unpacking in your new room a lot easier. Make sure everything that's fragile is carefully packed and padded so they don't break on the way to your new home.

Figure Out How You're Getting There

If you're moving to an adjacent state, you'll probably just drive or be dropped off at your new home. But if you're moving across the country, you may end up needing to fly there and have all of your belongings shipped. If you're shipping a car, make sure you make all of the necessary arrangements with cheap auto transport companies well in advance of your move.

Try to Meet People Before Moving

Moving to a new state means starting on a fresh slate. It can be very scary not knowing anybody at your college, so try to be proactive and meet people before you even get there. Join Facebook groups and reach out to your new roommates. This will give you peace of mind when moving to your new home because you will at least know a couple of people who you can talk to, hang out with, and ask for help.

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3 Ways to Save Money on Utilities During Winter

As college students or young adults, we're always looking for ways to save some extra money each month. Here's how you can keep your house warm without spending a fortune on heating this winter.


Don't leave your heater blasting for the next two months and pay a ton of money to the utility company. Here are three ways to keep warm and save money.

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Insulation helps to keep your home warm without using extra heat. By keeping your home insulated, you can save a fortune on utilities because your heating system will be doing a lot less heating. If you don't want to pay for insulation, you can do small things around the house to keep it warmer. Keep the curtains closed all the time to hold in heat. Have the fans turn the opposite way to circulate warm air. These small things can really make a difference.

Bundle Up

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